Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Roaring Belly? Try Roaring Fork!

Have you ever spent a busy morning in the Magic Kingdom, feeling a little bit tired and hungry and felt the need for a mid-day break?  Why not relax on a leisurely boat ride over to Disney's Wilderness Lodge to refuel at their quick-service restaurant, Roaring Fork?  Sound good?  Let's go!

The boat launch to Disney’s Wilderness Lodge is located just outside the Magic Kingdom entrance.  The ferry will pick you up and your ride will last approximately 10 minutes before arriving at the dock on Bay Lake.  Follow the pathway up along the pool area, and as you wind your way through the trees along the way, you will enter upon the stunning beauty of the Wilderness Lodge.  Never before have I been somewhere so huge and majestic, but still had the feeling of being cozy, welcome, and at home.  Instant relaxation!

Roaring Fork is nestled near Silver Creek Pool, just down the hallway from the Lodge’s impressive lobby.  Once you arrive, grab a tray near the entryway, and peruse the many delicious offerings! Roaring Fork offers a grill station as well as a salad/sandwich counter.  Fancy a roast beef sandwich but not so crazy about the bleu cheese? No worries!  All items are made to order so feel free to tweak away!

The grill offers freshly cooked burgers (perhaps with bacon?), moist chicken sandwiches, or chicken nuggets for the young ones (or young at heart!)  They also serve delicious individual flatbread pizza.  My favorite option there is one of the specials offered only a few days a week, the BBQ chicken flatbread.  It’s sweet, it’s a tad bit spicy, and it has cheese…YUM!!

If you prefer to stick with the lighter options, a popular choice is the Wilderness Salad.  Fresh greens with chicken, walnuts, and apples -  sure sounds tasty!  Vegetarians will also delight to see items such as tuna salad or grilled vegetable sandwiches.   House made chips are served with each sandwich.

Children 9 and under have a separate menu to choose from including a turkey sandwich, hamburger, chicken nuggets, and pizza.  The side choices for the kids are the same as at most other quick-service locations, including a choice of two items (grapes, applesauce, carrots, French fries, jello, or cookie).

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Photo Courtesy of DisneyWorld.com
If you know me, you know my main concern is satisfying my sweet tooth!  The bakery case is full of fantastic options.  Crisped rice treats, large cupcakes, and jumbo sized cookies in a variety of flavors make it hard to choose just one.  My favorite dessert, however, is the Magic Bar.  These tasty, gooey, delights are soft and chewy with a graham cracker crumbled bottom, and packed with chocolate chips.  They also contain a hint of coconut, which I normally don’t like (that must be part of the Magic in them!), but I absolutely LOVE Magic Bars anyway!

Roaring Fork has a fountain beverage station as well as refrigerated bottled and carton drinks.  Soft drinks, water, juice, and milk are all available.  If you are a guest staying at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge resort, this is where you can purchase your resort refillable mug, and come for refills throughout your stay.

Now that you have your food on your tray, it’s time to find a seat.  Roaring Fork has an indoor seating area if you are trying to stay out of the heat (or rain!), but my favorite place to relax and take in the scenery is at an outside table.  These tables do have umbrellas, and they are near enough to the pool area that you can see and hear the rushing water from Silver Creek.  Keep in mind that Wilderness Lodge has a pool party each afternoon usually beginning at 2pm.  If you are looking for a peaceful time, you might want to avoid that hour.

Of course, Roaring Fork also serves breakfast.  Whether you’re looking for a made-to-order yogurt parfait or the Bounty Platter of eggs, pancakes, bacon, breakfast potatoes, and a biscuit (yes, all that is ONE meal!), there is sure to be something here to get you filled up and ready to start your day.

Breakfast is served from 6am-10:30am, with the grill opening at 7am.  Lunch and dinner are served from 11am-10pm.   Hours are subject to change depending on the time of year.

While any day is a great day at the Lodge, one truly amazing time to visit is during the holiday season when the resort is decked out in decorations, including the stunning Christmas tree in the lobby.  While the break might seem most tempting in warmer weather, do not discount making this journey in the holiday season! And do not forget the wonderful quick-service options that the resorts offer.  To me, Roaring Fork is one of them.  You can slow down the pace, fill up your belly with some tasty food, and be just a heartbeat away from the magic!


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