Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Dressing Disney

There’s so much consideration to be given for appropriate ‘dress code’ for so many situations: interview dress code, wedding dress code, are-yoga-pants-too-casual-for-this dress code... you get it!  So of course when you go on vacation you consider what the appropriate dress code will be for the activities you have planned.  Lucky for you Disney fans, when you are visiting Disney (with the exception of a few locations requiring specific dress rules), the dress code is ‘casual’.  Even better, you may say the dress code is ‘Disney casual’.  What’s Disney casual?  It means your wardrobe is allowed a dose of Disney flair!  If you observe guests on a Disney vacation, you will see a varying range of how they dress Disney.  Here’s a few examples (which, for the record, are by no means scientific or inclusive, and are only meant in the spirit of fun!):

The Beginner

The Beginner may be on their first visit to a Disney destination.  Or, they may not be a first timer, but they may just be feeling their way into learning how to dress Disney.  Often, it may start easy, yet classic: The Mickey Ear Hat.  (Hands if you have one?  Thought so!).  The Ear Hat is the gateway into buying more (and if you’ve ever been in a Disney gift shop, you know there is merchandise in every size, shape, and wearable form!).  Maybe they pick up a sweatshirt with the Mouse on it on an unexpected chilly evening, and thus begin their foray into the world of ‘Dressing Disney’.  There’s no turning back now.

The Intermediate

The Intermediate has a collection started, maybe things from previous trips, or things they’ve picked up at other locations in preparation for their next trip.  Their packing lists consist of lots of Disney clothing - maybe even a different item for each day of the trip.  For kids, the costumes come into play.  There are tiny little pirates and princesses (and more) of all ages running around the parks, so excited to have a week of dress up without being told no.  Perhaps their clothing is even representative of the location they are at for the day - because wearing zebra stripes at the Animal Kingdom definitely adds to the fun!

The Expert

You have seen them.  They are not joking around when it comes to their Disney dress.  They don’t just have some fun clothes they have carefully selected to bring with them on their trip.  They have planned out every last aspect of their Disney-fied wardrobe.  Within the family, their outfits coordinate, if not match.  They may be wearing custom shirts that were made to celebrate a special celebration.  They may sport other custom made goodies.  Or, they make take it to a whole new level - DIY Disney Dress.  Yes, folks, these fans make their own Disney wardrobe.  Shirts, skirts, dresses, hats....even shoes.  Yes, shoes.  And wear them proudly.  Maybe even with their Mouse Ear Hat from when they were ‘mere beginners’.  Never forget your roots.

So friends, sound off!  Tell us, how do you Dress Disney?


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