Wednesday, January 29, 2014

5 Ways to Beat the Disney Blues

Here we are at the end of January and most of the country is freezing cold and covered in snow or ice.  Most Disney fans are longing for the warmth and sunshine of central Florida and a little Disney magic to brighten the dreary winter.  But what happens when your next trip is months or years away, or even GASP…not planned yet? I’ve got you covered- here are my top 5 ways to beat the Disney Blues.

5. Take the time to look back thru photos from past trips.  Maybe it’s time to start organizing them into scrapbooks or albums.  This is also a great family activity where you can all gather around the photos and laugh and share stories from those past trips. “Hey Mom remember when you rode the Tower of Terror for the first time on this trip and you were sooooooooo scared!!!” (Yes that would be a conversation between me and my 8 year old).

4. Download some Disney music or listen to it on Pandora, Apple Radio or CD.  Let loose and have fun singing along to familiar songs from the parks and movies!

3. Institute a once a week Disney Dinner/Movie Night.  Set aside 1 night each week (Friday is great!) to watch a family favorite Disney movie, or even one you have never seen before.  Make dinner and snacks that go along with the theme.  For Mary Poppins you could serve Fish and Chips.  For Mulan try Chinese take-out! Variations on this idea have been posted all over the Internet and pinterest so there are lots of ideas to get you started. 
2. If you have an upcoming trip planned, take some time to scour the fan sites (like etc) for the latest news and tips.  You can also make a list of items you may need or want for the trip and start to gather and shop for some of them now.  A tradition in our house is to get each kid 2 or 3 new Disney t-shirts to wear during the trip.  A little retail therapy can always be helpful!

1. Contact your friendly Kingdom Konsultant Travel agent to start planning your next Disney trip, or to discuss the details of your upcoming trip.  We are always available to help!

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