Monday, February 16, 2015

Agent Spotlight- Zac

Where do you call home?   Fairview Heights, IL

Are you married?   Yes…wife Jamie

Any children?   Yes…daughter Kennedy (4)

Favorite vacation destination?  Walt Disney World

Favorite Walt Disney World Resort?   Contemporary

Favorite Walt Disney World attraction?   Tomorrowland Transit Authority Peoplemover or Haunted Mansion ( who can pick just one?)

Favorite Disney restaurant?  California Grill

Favorite Disney snack?   Cream Cheese Pretzel from The Lunching Pad

Wishes, Fantasmic or IllumiNations?  IllumiNations
Favorite Disney Souvenir?   I like to get stuff I use often, like cups and mugs.  The monorail set is the best toy, though.

Earliest Disney vacation memory?  1982.  My parents left me with the ride operator while they rode the Matterhorn, and he kept acting like he was going to put me in a bobsled.  Those were VERY different times.

Disney Cruise Line, Disneyland or Walt Disney World? 
  Ugh, toughie…WDW.  DCL is soooo close to being #1.
Disney experience that brings tears to your eyes?
   Watching my daughter experience just about anything that I did growing up.
Where have you traveled aside from Walt Disney World? 
  I’ve been to about 40 out of the 50 states.  I used to go skiing in the Rockies every year...New York, and San Diego are my favorites, not including Disney Cruising to various ports.

Favorite TV Show?   Breaking Bad

Favorite Movie?   Dumb and Dumber is probably my all time favorite, but I’m not hard to please.

Favorite Color?   Blue

Favorite Book?  I don’t have a ton of time to sit and read, but the last book I read was “Open” the Andre Agassi autobiography.  I’m a tennis fan, and it was a VERY good book.

If you had to pick another job besides being a travel agent, what would you do?  Actor

Let Zac help you plan the perfect vacation for your family! 

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