Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Cirque Du Soleil's La Nouba Review

Have you heard of La Nouba by Cirque Du Soleil, located in Downtown Disney?  As a Disney guru you probably have.  Clients often ask us if La Nouba is worth the money, and we are here to tell you, yes it is!

La Nouba is a French phrase that means “to party” or “to live it up.”  The production is a journey into the imagination, where fun and joyful people from the Cirque (circus people) clash with the mundane life of the Urbains (urbanites).  The performers transport you back to a simpler time, when new experiences brought joy around every corner.  It is a story of the extraordinary overcoming the ordinary.  One certainly feels like they have been through an exhilarating experience by the end of the show.

Cirque du Soleil’s La Nouba is an entertaining combination of slapstick comedy and talented gymnastic artistry.  While waiting for the show to begin you will be entertained by two talented clowns playing tricks on the members of the audience.  They run along the aisles creating laughter and an atmosphere full of fun and joy.

The talent of the tight rope performances will enthrall you.  They don’t just walk high in the air; they ride a bike, carry people on their shoulders and perform amazing acrobatics.  The tight ropes don't just go straight across the stage but they are angled to make it more difficult.

The Chinese yo-yo jugglers, or Diabolos, are absolutely amazing!  It takes the childhood memory of playing with a yo-yo to a whole new level.  These talented young artists swing, throw, juggle, and do amazing acrobatics all while never letting the yo-yo touch the ground.  You will notice at the close of the show that the Diabolos always get the loudest applause, and rightfully so!

If you can remember trying new tricks on your bike as a child then you will be astonished by the BMX tricks.  They will perform jumps, spins, go into the audience (using the stairs) and fall into the middle of the stage all without ever letting their feet touch the ground.  They also speed full-force right toward the crowd, stopping on a dime before landing in the laps of those in the front row.

Do you remember jumping rope?  Well I almost guarantee you never did it like La Nouba.  How about bouncing on a trampoline?  The most I could do was a flip.  These performers flip, walk up a building and more.  Did you ever dance with a ribbon?  Well here they spin, flip, dance and fly high above your head with silk ribbons.

One thing a lot of people miss or don’t catch onto until the end of the production, is that the music and songs you hear during the show are performed live by both the singers and an orchestra.  If you look on the sides of the stage, you will be able to see the band and the conductor in the wings.  The talent of these people will leave you in awe.

So many of our childhood memories are elevated to a whole new level during this amazing acrobatic performance.  It is truly a worthwhile investment of time and money for adults and children of all ages.  Don’t worry about picking the most expensive seat!  The venue is designed so that virtually every seat is a good seat.  We have sat down low and in the top row.  You will find the show to be spectacular wherever you are.

La Nouba is located on the West Side of Downtown Disney, close to the legendary House of Blues. You will know you have arrived there when you see the white circus-like tent.  Make sure you give yourself at least 1 1/2 hours to get there.  If you arrive early, you can always stop by Ghirardelli and have a treat!

Heather & Tara

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