Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Whispering Canyon Cafe Review

When was the last time you went to a restaurant and your server made you do the Hokey Pokey? Or make you join in a hobby horse race? Or made you sing for your supper? No, seriously... Never?!?! Well, buckle up partner!

Located inside the beautiful lobby of Disney's Wilderness Lodge, is Whispering Canyon Cafe, where you are guaranteed a hootin' hollerin', knee slappin', dang gum good time! Talk about a fun restaurant!

Known for their All-you-care-to enjoy platters, which are served during breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as their bottomless Cowboy shakes, (I know, right!?!? Bottomless shakes even for breakfast!!) you will be glad you brought your appetite to Whispering Canyon Cafe! I mean, it IS vacation, right? You might want to wear pants with an elastic waist!

Ala Carte items are also available, with each meal offering some all time favorites with a twist. (like eggs benedict with pulled pork for breakfast)

Now if you aren't a fan of the antics, on your table, you will find a cardboard *coaster like* do-hickey. Green side means *Jump right in and play* in other words, bring it on!!!

If you're less adventurous, the red side basically lets your server know, you prefer to "watch from the fence" and would rather enjoy a quieter meal. I can't guarantee your server won't deliver your check dressed as a bottle of ketchup though.

All You Care to Enjoy

My son and I headed to Wilderness Canyon Cafe for breakfast, and of course we ordered the All-you-care-to-enjoy breakfast platter.

This is the first of TWO platters our server Jeff brought to our table. See? told you, three words *elastic waist pants*. (this is for 2 people!)

This is one of the best deals for any meal Disney World offers. Not only is the food good and very reasonably priced, but the memories and the show the Cast Members put on, just can't be beat.
Oh.... and just for the heck of it, during your visit to Whispering Canyon Cafe, wear a hat or T-shirt from Seaworld, or chew gum. Better yet, ask for ketchup!! Don't forget your camera!

Location:  Disney's Wilderness Lodge
Breakfast:   7:30am - 11:15am
Lunch:       11:45am -   2:30pm
Dinner:       5:0opm -  10.00pm


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