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Yachtsman Steakhouse Review

With so many Signature restaurants to choose from at Disney World, some may find it difficult to decide on which is best suited for their *special* dinner night during their Disney vacation. Yachtsman Steakhouse, located inside Disney's Yacht Club Resort, happens to be my family's favorite restaurant, Signature or otherwise on Disney Property.

Yachtsman Steakhouse is well known for their high quality, grain fed beef, aged in house and prepared on an oak fired grill!! Not your run-of-the-mill steakhouse folks, trust me on this. They also offer a Catch of the Day dish that has never disappointed us.

Usually, we have been seated fairly quickly, within 10-15 minutes of our ADR time, but we always opt to grab a cocktail before dinner in the Crew's Cup Lounge, located right inside of the restaurant.
Yachtsman Steakhouse is a perfect restaurant (actually all the Signatures at Disney World do a fantastic job) for any special occasion meal. We happened to be celebrating our anniversary a few weeks early, and our server presented us with two glasses of champagne (on the house!) and wished us many years of wedded bliss. Now THAT'S how to start an anniversary dinner! (You would think I could have atleast taken a picture, nope not me!) Why?? cuz that's how I roll when I have a glass of champagne in my hand LOL. We finished our toast and it was on to an amazing dinner!
Here's our cocktails from Crews Cup Lounge...

Belvedere Lemon Drop Martini

This is me and my sister in law's tradition at Yachtsman's. Lemon Drop Martinis are good to begin with, but made with Belvedere vodka, yummmm ... INCREDIBLY smooth!


White Russian

My son loves these!!! Cream, Kahlua and vodka, Seriously, what's NOT to like?!?!

Scotch and ginger with a twist of lemon

Now I know, this is a boring cocktail, but what impressed my husband was that this was made with top shelf scotch and lots of it!

Our waiter brought us some yummy pull-apart onion rolls accompanied by a baked garlic bulb and creamy butter.. these are legendary to Yachtsman's!

Next, it was on to appetizers

Charcuterie Board

"Suckling pig, Country sausage, Lardo toast, Boar Terrine"

My son LOVED this!! Just a side note, if the Charcuterie board has an item on it you aren't crazy about, ask your server to replace it with something that's more to your taste. They will be more than happy to do what they can.

Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail

"Old Bay poached shrimp, lemon, house-made cocktail sauce"

I could eat these all day long! Very fresh, very good and there were quite a few shrimp for an appetizer.

Artisanal Cheeses

"Assorted cheeses, bread and Seasonal accoutrements"

Oh yes, this is outstanding. Cheeses range from mild to bleu, I recommend this for all of you cheese lovers! 

After our wonderful appetizers, we still had our entrees to dive into!

 8 oz Black Angus Filet Mignon

This was absolutely mouthwatering!! It normally comes served with mashed potatoes but a few of us opted for french fries, which were fantastic. The Cabernet Wine Sauce is perfect!! (I have, on occasion asked for bearnaise sauce on the side, which was not a problem)

Catch of the Day

"Seared and seasoned salmon with seasonal vegetables"

My niece had this and said it was just outstanding, and hoping this dish is on the menu for our trip this coming Fall. I realize this is a steakhouse, but check the Catch of the Day offerings, if you're a fish lover.

Yachtsman's Steakhouse offers some incredible side dishes, which we just HAD to have...

Truffle Macaroni and Cheese

"Orecchiette Pasta and Reypenaer Cheese"

I wish they had this as an entree, although the *side* size was enough to share. Was this good, I mean, GOOD... WOW I'd go back just for this dish!!! (paired with the pull apart onion rolls I bet would be dinner in itself)

Sauteed Mushrooms

"Garlic butter and Sherry Wine Sauce"

Ohhhh Myyyyy Goodness ... if ever two things were right together, it's these little beauties and the filet mignon. Melt-in-your-mouth good... Sigh.... (I may need a minute here....)

Creme Brulee

A gift from our server for our anniversary. How sweet!! This has to be the biggest serving of Creme Brulee that I've ever had!! And good???! You betcha it was!!!!

Chocolate Peanut Cake

"Pretzels, salted caramel, Gelato, liquid Ganache"

Don't let the size of this cutie fool you, it is INCREDIBLY rich and decadent! Love chocolate? Love caramel?? THIS is for you!!

Seasonal Sorbet Trio

My niece loved this!! Lemon, Strawberry and Chocolate sorbets. Light, refreshing and wonderful!

Our server came to bring us one more anniversary gift....

Candy and Jelly Anniversary treats

How cute is this!?!?!? I have to be honest, I could barely stand up from eating so much, never mind eat another morsel. My son and husband enjoyed these, although they had no idea what they were! LOL

Please keep in mind, Yachtsman Steakhouse is a Signature restaurant, therefore, proper attire is required.

Might I suggest, making reservations around 7:00 pm, then strolling the Boardwalk and perhaps a visit to Jellyrolls afterwards for a memorable night? Yachtsman's is definitely one of must do restaurants every visit. I HIGHLY recommend you give it a try!!

Location:   Disney's Yacht Club Resort
Dinner:      5:00pm - 9:30pm


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