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Ears the News with Richard

5 Ways to Beat the Disney Blues

Here we are at the end of February and most of the country is freezing cold and covered in snow or ice.Most Disney fans are longing for the warmth and sunshine of central Florida and a little Disney magic to brighten the dreary winter.But what happens when your next trip is months or years away, or even GASP…not planned yet?  Here are our top five ways to beat the Disney blues!

5. Take the time to look back through photos from past trips.Maybe it’s time to start organizing them into scrapbooks or albums.This is also a great family activity where you can all gather around the photos and laugh and share stories from those past trips. “Hey Mom remember when you rode the Tower of Terror for the first time on this trip and you were sooooooooo scared!!!” (Yes that would be a conversation between me and my 8 year old).

4. Download some Disney music or listen to it on Pandora, Apple Radio or CD.Let loose and have fun singing along to familiar songs from the parks and movies!

3. Institute a on…

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Ears the News with Richard

Goofy's Candy Company- Create your own Treat

One of my biggest guilty pleasures on a Walt Disney World vacation is sweets. Everywhere you turn, there are delicious goodies calling your name, begging to be eaten. Luckily, a Disney vacation involves quite a bit of walking to balance things out, so you don’t have to feel too guilty indulging on a few extra treats!

We have a list of favorites that has grown throughout the years: Dole Whip (naturally), along with cupcakes, krispy treats, funnel cakes, ice cream… the list seems to get longer as the years go on. I had visited Goofy’s Candy Company at Downtown Disney many times in the past, but mostly just to browse, or to grab something prepackaged to bring home (and maybe use up a few extra snack credits at the end of our stay). I had heard fantastic things about the “Create Your Own Treat” offered at Goofy's, but as you can imagine, we never had much room for any more snacks. On our most recent trip, my family finally found some time (and the appetite) - and I can definitely say …

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Ears the News with Richard

The winter side of Winter Summerland Mini Golf is closing for refurbishment from 1/20/2014. There is no reopening date yet available, other than 'closed until further notice'. The summer side will remain open as normal. Rumor has it that the original contractors botched the last refurb and a new contractor has been hired to correct it.
Some significant changes are coming to 'Tables in Wonderland,' including an increase in blackout dates for some restaurants, changes to the credit card policy, and removal of Victoria and Albert's. Tables in Wonderland gives guests a 20% discount on over 100 restaurants at Walt Disney World.
Beginning 8/1/2014, 1900 Park Fare, Chef Mickey’s, ‘Ohana (Dinner Only), Cinderella’s Royal Table, Akershus Royal Banquet Hall, and Le Cellier Steakhouse will be subject to the additional blockout weeks of: 11/23-29, 2014; 12/21-27, 2014; 3/8/2015-4/4/2015; 5/31/2015-6/20/2015. This is in addition to the regular blackout dates of Mother’s Day, East…