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Picture of the Day

Does anyone else miss the Flying Dutchman at Castaway Cay?    The Flying Dutchman wasn't a real ship, just a stunning movie prop that didn't stand the test of time and elements.  It was disassembled and removed in late 2010.

Surf's Up at Disney's Paradise Pier Hotel!

Grab your boards and swim trunks because we’re about to surf on over to Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel located at Disneyland in Anaheim California!   As one of the three Disneyland Hotels, this 15 story resort is themed to the seaside retreats of the famous California piers.   Upon entering the lobby, you are welcomed by a statue of Goofy with his surfboard in tow, ready to hit the waves while the surrounding walls are dressed with paintings and murals of the California boardwalks of days past.   Queen Bed in a Standard Guest Room Paradise Pier Hotel is the least expensive of the three Disneyland Hotels and can be a great choice for guests looking to stay in the magic.  Whimsical swirls and bubbles in the carpet direct guests to their rooms, which are decorated with a fun beach theme.   Beach ball pillows make themselves at home on the beds, while pier-style lighting hangs above.   Celestial suns are found on the entertainment center while my personal favorite touch, a lifeguard Mic

5 (Completely Wrong) Reasons People Don’t Want To Try a Disney Cruise

Castaway Cay - aka Paradise There are a lot of reasons people THINK they won’t like Disney cruises .   Even people who love Disney and know the quality of the product they offer!   If you are one of those people, you’ve probably heard some things about cruises that aren’t really accurate.   Cruising brings up a lot of questions and there are a lot of misconceptions out there.   Even for seasoned Disney vets, a Disney cruise can be intimidating for a first timer, and some people don’t even want to try it.   I don’t want you to make that mistake! So let’s debunk some cruising myths!   Here are 5 of them.   The Disney Fantasy 1. I’ll Get Bored - Fear of boredom seems to be a big one for people who have never cruised before.   Some people seem to think that all there is to do is play shuffleboard and eat.   And while I have done both of those on cruises, one a great deal more than the other, there are so many other things to do!   It’s far more likely that you’ll get off t
Kingdom Konsultants would like to join with our nation in remembering those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

Ears the News with Richard

This week we have some news from Pandora, or more to the point, news regarding the Avatar expansion at Animal Kingdom. According to the New York Times, this expansion will include an attraction that “simulates flight”. This is the first public report of anything that could be considered a firm detail on this expansion. The same article reports that construction should start by next year and be completed sometime in 2015. For the first time, the 2012 Food and Wine Festival in Epcot will have a vegan only pavilion called the “TERRA Marketplace” Photo from the Disney Parks Blog Disney is currently in talks with the British government to redevelop the port and environs of Road Town , Tortola , over the next three years. High performance Karting from the Richard Petty Driving Experience has been added to the Masters Weekend lineup happening on June 2-3. This will be set up in parking lot K at Downtown Disney. The cost will be $20, plus tax, per person and is available to licens

For the Adventurer in You

You’ve been to the parks, and maybe you’ve even been on the cruise line, but have you ever had the distinct pleasure of going on an Adventure by Disney? What is that you may ask? Well, I am about to tell you. Adventures by Disney are luxury guided tours, and not just any tour, a Disney-guided tour.   Adventure guides, along with local guides, create a magical experience that you and your family will cherish for years! Many of us get caught up in the everyday grind of work without having time to relax, and really enjoy quality time with our loved ones. Well, that is all about to change! It’s time to take your life back and learn how to enjoy again the little things life has to offer. Cliffs of Moher in Ireland Adventures by Disney offers tours all over the World, including North America, South America, Central America, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Pacific. At each of these exciting destinations, your Adventure guide becomes your storyteller and takes you by the hand as you are

A Little Slice of Paradise in Walt Disney World

You can find more pictures of this resort by clicking here .  Sit back for a minute and imagine this.   You’re sitting on a hammock, rocking back and forth while surrounded by soft sand and water.  A warm breeze is blowing, carrying the sound of steel drum calypso beats around you.   The sun is shining, but a large, hovering palm tree is keeping you shaded.   Sounds like the perfect getaway to a tropical island, doesn’t it?  Many may be surprised to find that this place I’m describing is located at the most magical place on earth – Walt Disney World.  This little piece of heaven on earth is Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort. Or as I refer to it – a vacation within a vacation! Caribbean Beach Resort is a member of the moderate family resorts. The first building guests will enter is the Custom House, where they will check in and out.   This resort is quite large, housing over 2000 guest rooms in 33, two story buildings.   These buildings are grouped together to form villages named af

Ears the News with Richard

Image from the Disney Parks Blog It’s a Small World has gone behind the curtain for some exterior spit and polish. It does not look like this will be any more than a routine sprucing up. The Fantasyland expansion model that was shown at D23 has now been moved to One Man’s Dream at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This model is huge and incredibly impressive. I highly recommend that you stop in and see it if the opportunity presents itself. There is no word on how long it will remain at One Man’s Dream so do not squander an opportunity. The recently made “seasonal” Sounds Dangerous as been removed from the park maps. It is now referred to as the ABC Sound Studio. You can help Kim Possible save the world for the last time on 5/18/2012 . Agent P from Phineas and Ferb will be taking over her world-saving duties in the not so distant future. Disneyland has wrapped and named ( Mandy, Mona, and Manny) their monorail fleet in anticipation for the opening of Cars Land at Disney’s C

Rumbly in Your Tumbly? Visit the Crystal Palace!

When traveling to Walt Disney World Resort one of the main components to a great vacation is planning where to enjoy a good meal.   Of course, being at the most magical place on earth with favorite childhood friends just a hug away, character dining is usually at the top of a must-do dining list.   One of my personal favorite character dining restaurants is The Crystal Palace, located at the Magic Kingdom.   It has become a tradition, if you will, for us to stop and have a meal with a silly old bear.   Located on the left side of Main Street, shortly before crossing over into Adventureland, the Crystal Palace sits behind gardens and a small waterway.   The building itself is exquisite with a cream-colored exterior and beautiful light fixtures.  Welcoming guests to the restaurant is a lovely arbor that covers the front steps of the building, offering some shade to those waiting to be seated.   The whole building is surrounded by w

Disney’s Live Entertainment - AKA - Confessions of a Disney Groupie

As anyone who knows me can tell you, I am into music.   It started when I was in grade school.   My Dad was into music, so I received a great appreciation for all types from Big Band on up to present day.   Off Kilter Disney has a lot of great music in the attractions, the parades, and other big events.   It surrounds you at the resorts and theme parks, setting the mood and theme for where you are.   Something that many people overlook or don’t even know about is the Live Entertainment available at each park and in some of the resorts.   These are great attractions in and of themselves, but unlike a regular attraction, it isn’t in a building or on a map and sometimes the locations change depending on what else is going on.     Make sure you grab a times guide as you enter the park as this will have most of the entertainment listed along with the locations and show times for the day.   If you don’t see a particular act, check with Guest Services in that park, and they will be a

Rock 'n' Rollercoaster starring Aerosmith...Kid friendly?

In the weeks leading up to our surprise vacation, my son was always bringing up Disney World and what he would be allowed to ride the next time we went.   I always told him "everything" because we wouldn't be going until our other little one was 3.   He said, "Next time we go , I will definitely get on Rock 'n' Roller coaster!"   Needless to say, he had no clue it would be just a couple weeks away, and I didn't know if I should hold him to it.    I always hated when my parents forced me to get on rides that I wasn't comfortable with as a kid, so I felt like I couldn't force him if he backed out at the last minute. A couple of days into our trip, we arrived at Hollywood Studios, and he knew it was decision time to go on Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster or not.   As the kids and I waited for my husband and my mother-in-law to get off of Tower of Terror, he started asking me questions.   I tried reassuring him that he would have fun,