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Pop Century Resort: It's the Bee's Knees!

Every child remembers hearing Grandpa’s stories about what life was like in the 50’s and 60’s or have (unfortunately) witnessed Mom and Dad show off some of their groovy moves from the disco era. Maybe your kids have found a pair of your old parachute pants you’ve kept around just in case they ever come back in style.    Whatever the trends, toys or topics you grew up with, Disney has brought them all together to be revisited at the Pop Century Resort! Pop Century opened in 2003 as the fourth Value Resort on Walt Disney World property.     Nestled on hourglass lake, the resort houses 2880 guest rooms in ten buildings.    Each building has four floors accessible by either stairways or elevators.   The buildings are themed to different decades of the 20 th century – the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.   Along the outside of buildings you will find gigantic icons and decorations themed to each respective decade.   For instance, in the 1990’s section you will find a humongous lapto

Photo Tour: Magic Kingdom with Social Distancing

Have you been wondering what's different since the 2020 reopening of Disney's Magic Kingdom? Today let's take a photo tour through the park and see what's changed.  New Castle Colors First, let's talk about that iconic castle pic that everyone takes.  No, you may not take your mask off for it. Yes, a Cast Member will see you and discipline you. No, your photos won't be ruined!  Make sure you like your mask and snap away :) I wore a Mickey snack mask to match my outfit on this particular day.  Next let's talk about the crowds.  We were there on a Sunday but still didn't really feel that it was too crowded at any point.  It was a little rainy in the morning and there was a pretty significant afternoon downpour, so that could have kept some of the crowds away, but still, we were able to accomplish so much! Seven Dwarfs Mine Train did have a bit of a line throughout the day, but we only ended up waiting about 25-30 minutes for it. Everything else was about 1