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Cozumel Highlights and Mayan Ruins

Do you enjoy learning about ancient cultures and visiting exotic beaches?   How about drinking tequila?   If so, the Cozumel Highlights and Mayan Ruins excursion with the Disney Cruise Line may be right up your alley! Ruins at San Gervasio The excursion begins with a 10-minute walk from the ship to an air-conditioned motor coach.   This short walk to the motor coach is also the first glimpse of the vendors in Cozumel, as you have to walk through a shopping center to get there.   The first stop on the tour is the San Gervasio Ruins, which is about a 35-minute drive inland.   I was very excited for this part of the excursion because I am fascinated by ruins of any kind and find the Mayan culture especially fascinating.   Very large iguana Our tour guide David led us through the excavated ruins and told us the history of San Gervasio and the Mayan people who lived there.   David was a very funny tour guide and kept us entertained with his story telling abilities.   After a

Salsa & Salsa in Costa Maya

Table set-up If you read my review of La Hacienda de San Angel , you know that I love, love, love chips and salsa.   So, when my husband and I booked a Western Caribbean cruise on the Disney Fantasy, I was ecstatic to see the Costa Maya Salsa & Salsa excursion.   There was no question that we were going on this excursion.   Sign us up! Blue Margarita After disembarking the ship, it’s a quick 15-minute ride to a beachfront restaurant for the excursion.   The covered patio is set up with numerous tables and chairs set for four with a beautiful view of the ocean.   Everyone, of legal drinking age, is given drink tickets to order sodas, beer or margaritas.   Wes and I decided to start with some blue margaritas and then switched to beer.   The margaritas were good but were not as strong as we would have liked.   We realized that if we really wanted a buzz, uh…I mean, more bang for our buck, we should have started with beer.   We would need a little liquid courage to get up and