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MagicBand+ at Walt Disney World

If you've vacationed at Walt Disney World since 2013, you're probably very familiar with MagicBands. Well there's a new band in town known as the MagicBand+. MagicBand+ has all the features you've come to love with MagicBands plus some new and improved features to add a little extra magic to your vacation.  As we reviewed in our  MagicBands 101  article, MagicBands and MagicBand+ can be used to open the door to your Disney Resort hotel room, enter the theme parks and water parks with a valid admission ticket linked to your account, check-in at Lightning Lane entrances, add PhotoPass pictures to your account and charge food and merchandise purchases to the payment card on file at your Disney Resort hotel room during your stay.  MagicBand+ adds an all-new touch of magic to your vacation throughout the Walt Disney World Resort. With customizable light-up themes, haptic vibrations and more, MagicBand+ offers a new kind of magical experience.  What exactly are "light-up

Disney Genie, Genie+ and Lightning Lane FAQ

The Disney Genie Service has reimagined the guest experience at the Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts. The new service may have left you scratching your head asking "what does this mean for my next vacation?!" Have no fear as we have put together some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the relatively new service that was announced in 2021.  Before we dive into the FAQ, let's review the basics of this service. Disney Genie is a complimentary and convenient new digital service designed to create your best Disney Day. It allows guests more flexibility and better tools to help make the most of their visit. There are actually 3 separate services we'll review, in addition to some new terminology  to learn: Disney Genie (complimentary), Disney Genie+ Service (available for purchase) and Individual Lightning Lane Entry (also available for purchase). Lightning Lane is the entrance at select attractions that will let you bypass the standby queue. Let's

Disney Genie+ and Lightning Lane Step by Step Guide

We recently covered the  basics  of the complimentary Disney Genie service, answered some  frequently asked questions  and even took a deeper dive into the Disney Genie+ service . Let's take it even further and go through the step-by-step instructions on how to use the Disney Genie+ service on your next Walt Disney World vacation.  Disney Genie+ can be purchased through the My Disney Experience app each day that you plan to use the service.  How to Purchase Disney Genie+ through the My Disney Experience App Step 1. Open the My Disney Experience app and login if it's the first time you're using the app or if the app hasn't saved your login information from previous uses.  Step 2. There are a few places where you can purchase the Disney Genie+ Service. The easiest way to purchase is through the Home screen but you can also purchase through the Tip Board, which can be accessed through the plus icon in the center of the screen and then clicking on View My Genie Day and Tip