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Mardi Gras 2023 Review

The Mardi Gras season at Universal Orlando Resort is a hidden gem in my opinion.  I love the festive atmosphere, international food booths and high quality entertainment.  This is not a separately ticketed event, so you just get to show up and enjoy! For the basic overview of Universal Orlando Resort's Mardi Gras 2023 Celebration, click here .  We spent a long weekend in February visiting the Universal Orlando Resort, and our main goal was to enjoy Mardi Gras. We used the food booths for several meals, saw the parade and caught a concert.  First, everything is colorful and lively across Universal Studios Florida, this is definitely the hub of the event although it has trickled out into other areas of the destination.    I’m all about the food so we were excited to “taste the flavors of Carnaval” and have some old favorites and try some new things. What we did find challenging though was actually finding the booths we wanted to try. We couldn’t find any sort of ma

Amorette’s Patisserie Fall Petit Cakes Review

Tucked back near World of Disney, in Disney Springs is the gem that is Amorette’s Patisserie. I love a treat that is as delicious as it is beautiful, and more often than not, I find that to be the case here. While one can order a sandwich or beverage, the star of Amorette’s is their delightful display of pastries. In addition to the year round variety of choices including precious mini Mickey cakes, Amorette’s offers seasonal petit cakes. Today I will be reviewing three of those options, all available in the fall of 2022. The first is the Encanto Petit Cake, which is part of Disney’s Together we are Magia offerings. The pictures simply can’t do the sparkle on this bright and delightful cake justice. They really add to the festive colors of this cake. The ribbon on the bottom is not edible, but everything else seemed to be. Let’s dig in! The cake flavors are “vanilla chiffon, mango mousse, raspberry mousse, and white chocolate crisp pearls.” The Mousse layers are clearly defined, my

Royal Caribbean - Taste of Sabor Experience

I recently sailed on Royal Caribbean Cruise Line's Liberty of the Seas for my Honeymoon.  The trip itself was quite amazing, but we had a special dinner at Sabor that wasn't on any pre-planning options.  While at dinner at the Chef's Table earlier in our cruise, a nice gentleman from Sabor came by and told us about a similar experience they were trying out at that restaurant.  Of course we decided we had to give it a try! We got the menu to look over and our host for the night came to greet us and go through what to expect etc. This was a new thing they were trying, so we didn't really know much about it going in other than "if you liked the Chef Table, come try this!" He was wonderful, and we had a great time with him. We were at a big table off to the side as you went in (our whole Chef's Table party decided to go for this, so we were old friends at this point!) The table was semi-private, but still somewhat part of the normal dining area so we could pee