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The Sunshine Flyer Shuttle Service

Are you looking for a fun ground transportation option for your next Walt Disney World vacation? Look no further than The Sunshine Flyer! The Sunshine Flyer brings the era of 1920's rail travel to the start of your vacation. Each motorcoach features a different 1920's era locomotive or passenger car design. With drivers and staff dressed like 1920's rail conductors and engineers, you get the full theme of old-fashioned railway travel on a modern motorcoach.  The Sunshine Flyer offers two services; motorcoach service and the Sunshine Flyer Direct service. The motorcoach option is a shared service where guests will typically wait within 30 minutes to board along with other guests and potentially make stops at other resorts. The Sunshine Flyer Direct service offers a direct option for you and your family which means there will be no waiting for other passengers and no additional stops. They will take you directly from the baggage claim area to your Walt Disney World area resor