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Tower of London Tour Review

One of the great things about taking a cruise to a few different ports is that you get a taste of each location and see if you want to come back for more. In May of 2022 I did a British Isles sailing that sailed out of Amsterdam, went to England, Ireland, Scotland, France and then returned to Amsterdam.  Tower Bridge I figured I would like all of these places, at least to some degree. Some were pleasant surprises, such as Liverpool, which was far better than I thought it was going to be. Some didn’t have the impact I thought they would, such as Stonehenge. It was cool to look at but you can’t really get close to the rock formations as they are roped off. So many of the cities I visited were great such as Cork, Belfast, Edinborough, and I’d happily visit these locations again. The one place that absolutely took my breath away was London. I am from New York City, so I don’t impress easily, but this city completely captivated me. I’m not sure if it was the history, the grandeur, or