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The Food of Disney Cruise Line

Breakfast pastries from Palo Brunch Hi there, Disney Guys and Gals!      So fair warning... this post is going to make you very, very hungry! Today we are talking FOOD onboard Disney Cruise Line! We all know that cruises are famous for their never-ending buffets and their awesome all-inclusive vibe, but what is food onboard a Disney Cruise really like? How readily is it available? What about picky eaters? What about allergies or those with dietary restrictions??? Well, leave it to me to guide you through it all! Grilled beef tenderloin from Lumiere's      Now, I am a bit of an "expert" when it comes to Disney and food. I mean, I have been eating on Walt Disney World property for well over 30 years now and I have dined on 13 cruises. Plus we are a total family of foodies, so I know a little something about Disney eats. I can confidently say that Disney Cruise Line has some of the BEST food out there! From the burgers and fries, to the lobster tails, all of th