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Raglan Road Review

Nestled right in the middle of Downtown Disney's Pleasure Island district (soon to be Disney Springs), you will find one of the most authentic Irish pubs this side of the Atlantic; Raglan Road Irish Pub and Restaurant!

When I say authentic, I MEAN authentic folks! Most of the Pub was actually built in Ireland and shipped to Disney! The stage and all four bars (yep, you read that right FOUR bars) are well over 100 years old.

The original Raglan Road is actually located on the south side of Dublin, Ireland. The bronze statue outside of the gent sitting on a bench, (which we ALL have taken pics with!) is a tribute to Patrick Kavanagh, considered to be one of the foremost poets of the 20th century, whose poem, Raglan Road, is how this wonderful establishment got its name. (The poem was later set to music by Irish singer Luke Kelly, of the Dubliners.)

Raglan Road's Master Chef, Kevin Dundon (I personally recommend checking out his cook books) was celebrated for creating traditional Irish meals with a modern flair. A lot of his recipes you can experience, are actually family recipes handed down for generations.
Raglan Road's house band Creel, and their Irish dancers, entertain nightly , starting at 6:00pm. Kids are welcome on stage and learn Irish Folk dancing!! (We here in States think of River Dance, which IS Irish Folk dancing!) Those who participate even get a certificate!!! I know right!?!? How cool is that!??! What a great memory!

Just a quick suggestion: If you can, arrive a wee bit early for your reservation, and experience the outdoor Pub, Hole In The Wall, attached to Raglan Road. You won't believe the extensive drink menu!! Beer flights, whiskey flights, top notch Irish cocktails, as well as anything you can possibly imagine! You can also order *Pub Grub* from the bar menu and dine outside (weather permitting).

Slainte mhaith! (Good health!!)

Bailey's Shake

Frozen mix of ice cream, Bailey's Coffee Liqueur

My son looks forward to this every year! I think he asked for an extra shot of Bailey's. Hole In The Wall is a must do!!
Now, I have it on very good authority, many Kingdom Konsultant Agents are also big fans of Raglan Road! Agent Stacy really enjoys the Gluten Free fish and chips and onion rings! (Yep... Gluten Free options ARE available)
We were seated almost directly in front of the stage.

Creel (Raglan Road's house band)

(you can always ask to be seated in a quieter section of the restaurant, if you prefer)

Once we were seated and placed our order, our server brought us this

Soda Bread with Guinness Reduction and Olive Oil

We always enjoy this. Soda bread on its own can be a tad dry, the *dipping oil* is a fabulous addition.

Appetizers came before I could even attempt to do an Irish Jig....

Kiss Before Shrimp

Pan seared shrimp in garlic and chili lemon butter sauce with sliced baquette

Think, shrimp scampi kicked up a notch... OK, maybe two notches. This is a bit spicy but oh so very good! This is one of Agent Maryann's fav dishes. I have to totally agree!

Dalkey Duo

Battered cocktail sausages with Dalkey Mustard Dipping Sauce

These are SO very good. My son may have growled at me when I got caught stealing one. These are served just like Agent Tara's fav appy, the Scallop Forest. Definitely enough to share (but...why!?!?)

After our appetizers, beers and wine (and some pretend dancing in my seat), it was on to our entrees. Bainigi suit as an bia (Enjoy the food!)

Fish n Chips

Our famous beer battered fish n chips served with our fresh tartar sauce

Again, I want to mention there is a Gluten Free option. This is just superb. Agents Pam, Maryann and Agent Marla claim this as a fav of theirs at Raglan Road! My husband feels the same way.

and what better way to enjoy chips than with some Malt Vinegar!?! I bet Agent Marla wished she has these right now!! I feel the same way! How many of you like salt and vinegar potato chips?? Times that by 1,000, you will LOVE this combo!

Serious Steak

10 oz. Sirloin topped with Irish Whiskey marmalade glaze with fresh basil oil, topped with a beer battered onion ring

Now this is normally served with mashed potatoes, but my son opted for chips. (Well can't blame him, there was malt vinegar on the table) He is a huge fan of this dish. Lean, cooked medium well and delish!

Schnitzel Savvy

Breaded and seared ham schnitzel with smoked bacon baked beans, fried egg and chips

This has got to be one of my favorite menu items at Raglan Road. The mix of the ham schnitzel, beans and egg in one bite, is outstanding in my opinion.

And.... the food just kept on coming. Hey, it's vacation.. 'nuf said. Besides I was having too much fun dancing in my chair!! :)


Ger's Bread and Butter Pudding

Like no other you have ever tried, believe us

I DO believe them and they're right!!!!! Bread and butter pudding served with little pitchers of caramel sauce and creme anglaise!! This is Master Chef Dundon's Grandmother's own recipe.
Agents Karen and Kathy agree too!!! This is NOT to be missed folks! This alone will have you wanting to change your name to Paddy O'furniture or Mary O'soul!!


Irish Coffee

Tullamore Dew, Irish Whiskey, sugar, coffee and topped with cream

This is how we ended our meal. If you aren't fan of whiskey, there are many other adult coffee offerings on the menu. Maybe coffee and kahlua or coffee and baileys??
Directly next to Raglan Road is a terrific Quick Service location; Cooke's of Dublin. With a terrific selection of everything from burgers and chicken fingers to fish n chips and Dalkey Duo sausages. Don't forget about desserts! LOTS to choose from!! In a radius of a few hundred feet, you can enjoy many wonderful aspects of the Emerald Isles, Disney style!!
Just a heads up... if you plan to visit Raglan Road on the weekend, please be sure to book as far in advance as you can, as it books up quickly. I strongly urge you to make ADRs as soon as you can.
I can't tell you what a wonderful experience Raglan Road is. Make Raglan Road one of your *must dine at* locations during your next Disney World vacation!!!! Slan agus beannacht leat! (Goodbye and blessings be with you!)
A very special thanks to my friend across the pond, Chris Walsh for all of his help with this review, and teaching me Gaelic phrases! Slainte chugat!!
Located:     Downtown Disney, Pleasure Island District
Lunch:        11:00am - 2:45pm
Dinner:        3:00pm  -11:00pm
Brunch:      10:00am - 3:00pm (Saturdays and Sundays only)

Deb Casterline is a weekly, guest blogger exclusive to the Kingdom Konsultant Blog.


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