Thursday, May 26, 2016

Agent Spotlight - Maci

Breakfast at Cape May Cafe
Name: Maci Schau

Where do you call home? I'm originally from central Pennsylvania but have more recently found my home in Dallas, TX. 

Are you married? Nope

Any children? There are 4 children in my life who are very important to me, but none of my own. 

Favorite vacation destination?  Not counting Disney options, I love going anywhere old with a lot of history or somewhere with a great food scene!
Favorite Walt Disney World Resort?  Yacht and Beach Club hold a very special place in my heart since I used to work there, but I think my favorite to stay at is Bay Lake Tower at the Contemporary Resort. I just love being able to watch the Castle change colors at night from my room!

Favorite Walt Disney World attraction?  This is a tough one, as many are so great for different reasons!  I think it would be a 3-way tie between the Peoplemover, Tower of Terror, and Expedition Everest!  

Favorite Disney restaurant?  I always find myself going back to Kona Cafe (at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort) and never being disappointed, but my list of restaurants I love at WDW is quite extensive and I have a personal goal to eat at each and every one!

Favorite Disney snack? I'm a fan of the classic Mickey Bar or any of the fancy, seasonal cupcakes you can find at the bakeries! 

Wishes, Fantasmic or IllumiNations?  Wishes 100%! 

Favorite Disney Souvenir?  I'm definitely a sucker for some Disney shopping, but my favorite Disney souvenirs are the memories I get to cherish always!  ​But, I have been known to disappear on Main Street and get caught up in some Pandora Charms or Disney Dooney browsing ;) I love to purchase things I can use regularly such as jewelry, bags and mugs so I can be reminded of the wonderful memories I've made when I least expect it!

Earliest Disney vacation memory?  When I was about 2, I exclaimed "I want to go to Disneyland!" so my Mom and some of her friends drove across the country and took me there.  I don't know if I really remember it, but the story gets told quite a bit to this day!

I'm the little munchkin!
Disney Cruise Line, Disneyland or Walt Disney World?  How can you make me choose only one!? They all have their time and place and I love each one for it's own reasons, I pick them all! 

Disney experience that brings tears to your eyes? I tear up walking into the Magic Kingdom the first time on each trip, and while watching Wishes from Main Street. 

Where have you traveled aside from Walt Disney World?  I'm a bit of a travel nut, so bear with me here...  Aside from WDW, I've been to Disneyland, Disneyland Paris, on Caribbean Disney Cruises, and experienced the England and France Adventures by Disney itineraries (I'll throw Universal Resort Florida in here too!)  I've also been to the French Alps, Amsterdam, as well as a few other tropical cruises.  Stateside, I've been as far as Hawaii, up and down the East Coast from Boston, NYC, Washington D.C. to the Carolina and Florida beaches.  I'm slowly working my way through Texas destinations and up the West Coast as well (started with San Diego and have made it to Santa Barbara.)

Heading off to Hogwarts!
Favorite TV Show?  Gilmore Girls and Psych are my two all-time favorites.  But on TV right now?  Game of Thrones, Amazing Race and iZombie have held my recent attention. 

Favorite Movie? Peter Pan
Favorite Color? Pink
Favorite Book? The Harry Potter Series (followed very closely by the Percy Jackson Series)

If you had to pick another job besides being a travel agent, what would you do? I absolutely love my day job managing a team of Revenue Specialists and wouldn't trade it for anything!  

If you are ready to plan your next vacation, contact Maci today at!

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