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Photo Tour and Deck Plan: Disney Fantasy

The Disney Fantasy took its maiden voyage in 2012 and until 2022, was the newest ship in the Disney Cruise Line fleet. It's the sister ship to the Disney Dream so you'll see many similarities between the two ships. The Disney Fantasy is an absolutely gorgeous ship, boasting an Art Nouveau style. The ship has 14 decks, 1,250 staterooms, is 1,115 feet in length and weighs 130,000 gross tons.

We'll tour the ship starting from Deck 1 up to Deck 14, going from Aft to Forward. Let's start our photo tour!

Deck 1

Deck 1 is where you'll find the Health Center. It's also where you can exit the ship to board a tender at Ports of Call that require ships to anchor offshore. 

Deck 2

Deck 2 is where you'll find one of the three main dining rooms, Enchanted Garden. 

The restaurant transforms throughout dinner, changing from day to night
I love these booths!

You can also find staterooms, a Midship Detective Agency kiosk and the Vista Gallery showcasing Disney artwork. 

Deck 3

Deck 3 is home to the other two main dining restaurants; Animator's Palate and Royal Court. 

The details in this restaurant are amazing
The bread knives are shaped like paint brushes
Do you see the crowns at the top of the chandelier?
The bread baskets are shaped like carriages! So cute. 
Deck 3 is also where you enter the ship into the beautiful Atrium. The Atrium is where you'll find a ton of character meet and greets, entertainment and one of my favorite DCL chandeliers. The Atrium is 3 decks high and there are balconies on Deck 4 and 5. 
View of the Atrium from Deck 5
You can never have too many photos of this chandelier!
Minnie Mouse graces the Disney Fantasy Atrium
Beautiful mosaic near Guest Services
You can find the Guest Services desk, Bon Voyage bar, and shops Sea Treasures, Mickey's Mainsail and White Caps. 
To round out Deck 3 is the Walt Disney Theatre where you can see Broadway style shows and entertainment each night of your cruise. 
You can grab popcorn or other snacks/drinks from Preludes located outside the theatre.
Note: Items from Preludes are not included in your cruise fare. 
Deck 4

Deck 4 Aft is Europa, a section of the Disney Fantasy that is home to an array of European-inspired nightclubs, lounges and bars. Europa includes La Piazza, O'Gill's Pub, Ooh La La, Skyline and The Tube. 

La Piazza
O'Gills Pub
Hallway outside the entrance to Ooh La La
Ooh La La
The skylines magically transforms from one city to the next
The Tube
Next up is D Lounge, an area for the whole family to sing, dance, play games and enjoy live entertainment. 
Tiffany & Co. shop located next to D Lounge
You can grab a coffee in the morning or a cocktail at night from the Vista Cafe. 
Note: Drinks are not included in your cruise fare but the pastries/snacks are included.
Next to the seating area for the Vista Cafe, you'll find the Vacation Planning Desk where you can rebook another Disney Cruise onboard and receive special incentives. Make sure to list your Kingdom Konsultant Agent to use our planning assistance as well as receive our onboard credits.

On the other side of the ship from the Vacation Planning desk and Vista Cafe area is where you'll find Shutters. 
You can see all the photos taken by the photographers and
purchase prints, digital photos and photo books.
Shuffleboard courts and a walking/jogging track are located outside on Deck 4
Deck 4 is also where you can find the Buena Vista Theatre for tons of Disney movie viewing. You can also get to the balcony seating for the Walt Disney Theatre on Deck 4 Forward. 

Deck 5

On Deck 5, you'll find Disney's Oceaneer Lab and Disney's Oceaneer Club. These are the youth club areas for kids age 3-12 years old. Next door is the "it's a small world" nursery which is for children age 12months - 2 years old. It's important to know that childcare at "it's a small world" nursery is not included in your cruise fare but the Oceaneer Lab and Oceaneer Club are included. 
Marvel Super Hero Academy
Star Wars: Command Post
Andy's Room
Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique is located Midship
The other Midship Detective Agency kiosk is located Midship.
This is a super fun, interactive experience!
Port Adventures desk
You can access the balcony seating for the Buena Vista Theatre on Deck 5. 

Deck 5 staterooms are located Aft and Forward. 
I love decorating my stateroom door!
This is a Category 8A stateroom that has a very unique layout.

Deck 5 Forward is where you'll find Vibe, the teens-only hang out space for guests ages 14 to 17. 

Vibe's exterior space

Deck 6-10

On Decks 6-10, you'll find lots and lots of staterooms. 

Stateroom 8074 on Deck 8
You can find self-serve laundry rooms on Deck 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10

Deck 11

Deck 11 is jam packed with dining locations, pools, bars, the spa, staterooms and more. 

Cabanas is the buffet restaurant for breakfast and lunch and serves a table service meal for dinner. 
Ample seating is available both inside and outside Cabanas
Outside Cabanas, you'll find Sweet on You where you can purchase sweets such as ice cream, cookies, cupcakes and more! Items at Sweet on You are not included in your cruise fare. 
Such a cute photo spot
Deck 11 is where you can find almost all of the pools on deck. 
Nemo's Reef is a great splash area for younger guests
Mickey's pool and slide are very popular areas on the ship.
Closer to the Funnel Vision screen is where you'll find Donald's Family Pool.
You'll find two Beverage Stations on Deck 11. This is where you can get soda and coffee that's included in your cruise fare. 
Whozits & Whatzits gift shop located in the Midship elevator area. 
Eye Scream is where you can get unlimited amounts of soft serve
that's included in your cruise fare.This is a personal favorite for my family!
On the starboard side of the deck, you'll find Flo's V8 Cafe which includes Luigi's Pizza, Tow-Mater's Grill, andFillmore's Favorites. This is a quick-service food location where you can grab a hotdog, burger, pizza, salad and more. 
Right behind Flo's Cafe is the Cove Cafe and Quiet Cove Adult Pool, and Cover Bar. These areas are reserved exclusively for guests 18 years and older. 
Deck 11 Forward is Senses Spa & Salon. You can enjoy spa treatments, salon services, and a fitness center. 
What a great view while you workout on the treadmill!

There are also Concierge Staterooms located on Deck 11 across from the Senses Spa & Salon. 

Deck 12

Deck 12 Aft is home to the two adult only dining locations on the Disney Fantasy; Palo and Remy. Both Remy and Palo are additional fees and not included in your cruise fare. While you wait for your table at either restaurant, you can grab a drink from Meridian Lounge. 

Enjoy brunch or dinner with some amazing views!
Do you spot Remy on the chair? 
I love these details on the seating and wallpaper!

Out on Deck, you'll find the Waves Bar next to the AquaLab and AquaDuck. 

This is a super cool splash area for the kids
The AquaDuck is a first of its kind water slide.
You'll find a ton of lounge chairs on deck
Midship you'll find the Family Zone and Funnel Puddle. This is a great spot to take the little ones while you dip your toes in. 
Deck 12 Forward there are more Concierge Staterooms and the entrance to the Concierge Lounge. 
Like the DCL chandeliers, you can never have too many funnel pictures!

Deck 13

Goofy's Sports Deck is located Deck 13 Aft complete with a miniature golf course, virtual sports simulators and a basketball court. 

Midship, inside the funnel is home to Edge, the youth club designed specifically for guests age 11 to 14.

Forward is Currents Bar and then perhaps my favorite area of the ship, Satellite Falls. Satellite Falls is an adult-exclusive wading pool area. I'm telling you, as soon as you go back behind the Plexiglas walls to enter this area, it's pure tranquility! There's also a private sun deck area for Concierge guests. 

Currents Bar
Satellite Falls

Deck 14

There isn't much on Deck 14 except the Radio Studio and Outlook Lounge and sadly, I don't have pictures of either. 


We'll end our photo tour with some photos of this gorgeous ship. 

You can find Dumbo and Timothy Q. Mouse on the stern.

Ashley is a Gold Castaway Club Member and has sailed on all of the Disney Cruise Line ships. You can email Ashley at


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