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Chronos Club Review at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort

I recently stayed at the Chronos Club at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort. I've been a fan of Disney's Coronado Springs Resort since my first visit as it reminds me of my hometown, San Antonio.

I've stayed in rooms ranging from preferred, Casita Suite, Tower King, and now Club Level access. The Chronos Club is located on the 15th floor of the Gran Destino Tower and can only be accessed with a key card or MagicBand to a corresponding Club Level reservation.
I've previously stayed Club Level at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge, Disney's Polynesian Village Resort, Disney's Grand Floridian Resort, Disney's BoardWalk Inn, and Disney's Grand Californian Resort. These are all considered Deluxe Resorts. Something that makes the Chronos Club stand out is that it is located in what Disney considers a Moderate Resort. I was really excited to check out the difference in experience, since there can be a notable difference in price tag for Moderate vs. Deluxe Resort rooms.

For example, a random weeknight for two people in August 2023 will cost about $600 per night for a Club Level room at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, and about $450 for a Club Level room at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort. That price difference can add up quickly!

At all Disney Resorts, Club Level guests get additional amenities in their rooms, access to a lounge with food and drink options, and a dedicated group of Cast Members to assist them with their vacation.

I noticed two things right away when we walked into the Chronos Lounge for the first time. First, the view is fantastic. You get to see both EPCOT and Disney's Hollywood Studios from the huge floor to ceiling windows. Second, the Cast Members seemed really happy to be there. My fellow traveler also commented on this throughout our stay. I’ve not personally had a negative Cast Member experience, but even my friend noticed how full of magic each Cast Member seemed to be. It would not surprise me to see every single one of them with blue badges in the next few years.

There are thoughtful touches that made the Chronos Club stand out that I had not seen in other Clubs. First, there is a full sized fridge filled with beverages and kid snacks available all day. Mini fridges with water and soda are not uncommon, but this one’s size and variety of offerings definitely stood out.
Additionally, there are bowls of various candies and fresh fruits located around the Club in decorative, but practical locations away from the food stations. These included clementines and hard candies like Chupa Chups. There are well organized and welcoming board games and books to peruse. While many other Clubs have felt like a place to eat and go, these touches really made the Club environment feel more welcoming to sit and stay for a while.
Lastly, this Club never felt full. We were informed by a Cast Member that the Club was at full capacity during our entire stay and were genuinely shocked. It never felt more than 50% full and we were there at a variety of times so I don’t think we ever missed a “rush.” I’ve definitely felt quite cozy and a little table pressure at other Clubs so this stood out to me as a big plus.

I personally really enjoy having an exclusive and sometimes quieter area to chill while I'm on a Disney vacation, but the main draw of the lounge is the food and drink.

While I’m a big fan of living on snacks, especially cheese and wine, I typically judge a Club Level experience based on whether or not my husband would leave full. This was somewhat hit or miss, with more hits than misses. There are multiple hour long breaks between services. The hours of food are below.
  • Coffee: 6:30am - 7:00am
  • Breakfast: 7:00am - 10:30am
  • Light Snacks: 11:30am - 4:00pm
  • Hors D'oeuvres and Select Beverages: 5:00pm - 7:00pm
  • Dessert and Cordials: 8:00pm - 10:00pm

The point of this grown up girls trip was to relax and get some Disney shopping in, so I did not wake up for only coffee. No notes.

This Club Lounge offers something notable that is missing at many other Disney Club Levels: Bacon/Sausage and Eggs. While I have enjoyed small frittata bites at the Grand Floridian, the egg and meat offerings were much more substantial. We had sausage more often than bacon, and only one was offered each morning.
Additionally, there were a variety of pastries, fresh fruit, and oatmeal. Standouts included the Earl Gray Scone and the Avocado Toast. Both were only offered one day of our stay, but thoroughly enjoyed nonetheless. All of the breakfasts would have sent my husband off to the parks without needing a snack in between meals.
Light Snacks:
Perhaps because the offerings were so spread out, this offering felt like the lightest snacks I've had at any Club Level. We opted to skip this time multiple days and did not feel like we were missing out. Offerings included, chips, cookies, veggies and hummus, and Uncrustables.
Hors D'oeuvres and Select Beverages:
This time of day is sometimes called "dinner" at other Clubs. The first night would have left my husband looking for a pizza later, at minimum. That being said, I found the offerings fun and delicious every night. The hummus and veggies from snack time were brought back out, in addition to some small bites and hot dishes. One item that was offered every night were noodles with a separate red sauce. This was presumably for kids, but I and many other adults ate it as well. Some nights the red sauce had meat and some nights it did not. There was also vegan parmesan cheese offered for those that like a simpler noodle dish. Warm dish offerings included crab cakes with hearts of palm, steak and rice, and a variety of cooked fish. Cold offerings included a different gazpacho each evening, tuna, couscous, and assorted meats and cheese. During this service, pour yourself wine is available in addition to cocktails made by Cast Members.
Dessert and Cordials:
This is going to be a controversial take, but this was the most underwhelming part of the day to me. The reason others are going to disagree with me can be seen below in the first picture which includes pour yourself liquors. I prefer the sweet treats, which to me were less than I've experienced at other Clubs. There were three options plus to go cookies and some candies each night. The s'mores bites were the best I've had on property, and other than that, everything else was only okay. Okay, back to the adult libations... The offerings were plentiful and available with the exception of Vodka, which a Cast Member brought out already mixed. I wish I had asked for the story on why Vodka has to be kept in the back. If you are turning in early enough to make it back before the EPCOT fireworks, you'll be able to enjoy them from the Club with a nice nightcap and dessert. If you want a quick drink and rest before heading back to park hop, this will definitely hit the spot!
An additional note about drinks: This Club offers a special POG (pineapple, orange, guava) mimosa with grenadine in the mornings, with a couple alternatives. They will make a Sprite version for your kiddos. They are also available all day, you just need to ask. Second, there is also an adorable "baby Yoda" drink that Cast Member Jessica invented for a Star Wars loving child that wanted a fun drink but didn't like the flavor of the kid friendly mimosa. She also came up with an Encanto inspired drink that we didn't get to try this trip. All this to say, it was a fun way to start our May the 4th day, and if you're looking for a creative drink, Jessica is your girl!
If at this point you are reading this and thinking Chronos Club is cheaper, quieter, has a bigger breakfast, all the drinks and best ever Cast Members, what's the catch? Here is what I would say it is: Transportation. Coronado Springs is a very large resort. Therefore, there are four bus stops going around the resort either before you are picked up, or before you can be dropped off when staying at the Gran Destino Tower. Bus transportation is the only transportation offered, so there is a decent chance you will be standing on your way to a park, and have a good wait after pulling into your resort at the end of a long Disney day. If you are used to the convenience of Deluxe Level Resort locations and transportation, the longer commutes can feel jarring. I personally think this small inconvenience is worth the extra perks of staying at the Chronos Club, and you can always get a Lyft or Minnie Van transportation if that is your style. (Hint: It's my style.)

This might be for you if:
  • You live for a good view.
  • You like having a relaxing, quieter space to spend time.
  • You have found other Club Level lounges to be too crowded.
  • You want to see if you would enjoy Club Level at a more cost effective price point.
Skip this if:
  • You are a park open to close kind of person.
  • You do not do resort days.
  • You want the shortest or most fun transportation possible.

If you're interested in this or any other Club Level Resort, be sure to reach out to your favorite Kingdom Konsultant Agent to help you with your next Walt Disney World Vacation!

Elizabeth Guffre
Elizabeth's priority as your travel consultant is to make your vacation as fun and stress free as possible. You can email Elizabeth at


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