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Bengal Barbecue at Disneyland

Today I want to share one of my favorite dining locations in any of the Disney parks: Bengal Barbecue. Bengal Barbecue is located in Disneyland, just across from the entrance to Indiana Jones and the Forbidden Temple in Adventureland.  I have had this dining spot on my Disney “bucket list” for quite a while, and I was a little worried it wouldn’t live up to the hype.  Luckily, it still managed to exceed my expectations! In fact, after dining here with my family last summer it was one of the few dining locations I insisted on repeating on my most recent trip with my fellow Kingdom Konsultant Agents. I’m pleased to say that my high praises for Bengal Barbecue were echoed by the agents dining with me this time. L to R: Agents Aubrey, Yaritza, Natalie, Ashley, Elisa, and Jill The main draw to Bengal Barbecue is their assorted grilled skewers, called “Jungle Skewers” on their menu, but they also serve a trio of hummus, a Tiger Tail Breadstick, pineapple spears, and dill pickles. You can o

Disneyland Snacks

The Disneyland Resort has SO MANY unique, fun, and YUMMY snacks! I had a whole list that I wanted to try! I only got through part of my list, which was disappointing, but I guess it means I need to take another trip to try the rest! Here are some of my favorites!   The Matterhorn Macaroon : I got this at the Jolly Holiday Bakery in Disneyland Park, which I believe is the only place you can buy this treat. It was $3.99, which was an absolute bargain. I got one and should have gotten 15, it was that good. Coconutty and light, with that touch of white chocolate. Full disclosure, I did turn it on its side and eat it like an ear of corn to distribute the white chocolate accordingly. Choco-Smash Candy Bar & Quantum Pretzel : Several other Kingdom Konsultant agents and I shared these before a ride on Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout. These are only available at Pym’s Test Kitchen in Avenger’s Campus at Disney California Adventure. The candy bar was $7.99 and the pretzel wit

Salt and Straw

With school out and summer in full swing, it's officially ice cream season! Or, if you're me, ice cream season never stopped :) With Florida heat, it is almost always a good time for ice cream, but let's celebrate National Ice Cream Day (July 16th) by celebrating this fabulous spot in Disney Springs.  Salt and Straw is a Portland based ice cream company that opened up a location in Disney Springs to bring "a moment of happiness and connection to the community around you" through ice cream.  The ice cream is hand made, celebrates local flavors and ingredients, and has a rotating seasonal flavor menu.   There is often a line out the door for some fresh scoops, but it typically moves pretty fast and is worth the wait.  Once you're inside, you are met with incredible hospitality and can try the flavors that spark your interest before making that all important decision.  There are some flavors that are always available, but they also rotate a seasonal menu about m

Gideon's Bakehouse

Gideon's Bakehouse at Disney Springs has been incredibly popular since it opened, with waits of up to five hours on the weekends just to grab some of these delectable delights.  Of course, we had to see what all the hype was about for ourselves so we popped over to Disney Springs on a Monday morning around opening and hopped in line.  Waits are much shorter midweek and earlier in the day, with the virtual queue not even being in use yet, our wait was about an hour, but still regularly gets up to several hours on the weekends as the popularity has not waned.   I recommend stopping here first when you arrive to Disney Springs if it is on your agenda, that way if the line is longer you can hop in the virtual queue with your phone number and shop or eat around Disney Springs while you wait.  Even if you get the virtual queue, you still have to wait in the line outside for at least 15-30 minutes.  It was a sunny morning and there isn't much shade in line, so definitely be prepared f

WDW 50th Anniversary Foodie Guide - Part 3

Yes, you read the title correctly! We are now on Part 3 of our Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Foodie Guide! If you haven't read Part 1  or  Part 2 , no worries! They don't have to be read chronologically but you may want to read those posts if you're looking for more reviews of all the new tasty treats for the World's Most Magical Celebration.  The celebration continues through March 2023 so you still have over a year to try the new food and drink options. We tried a lot of the treats during our 50th Anniversary kick-off weekend trip and we happily tried even more new treats on our most recent trip. Contempo CafĂ© (Disney's Contemporary Resort) 50th Anniversary German Chocolate Cupcake - Chocolate Cupcake filled with German Chocolate filling topped with Buttercream, Chocolate Contemporary Resort 50th Anniversary Logo and a White Chocolate curl This cupcake looked so cute on the menu that I just had to buy it! The description sounded pretty good too but it was re