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Space 220 Restaurant Lunch

Space 220 Restaurant is an out of this world dining experience and that pun was totally intended! Located in the World Discovery area of EPCOT, Space 220 Restaurant serves modern American cuisine with a prix-fixe, 2 course meal at lunch and a prix-fixe, 3-course meal at dinner. While you enjoy your meal, you'll also enjoy amazing views of Earth from 220 miles above, aboard the Centauri space station. The host stand for the restaurant is a little hidden as its tucked away in the Mission: SPACE Pavilion. Head to the right of the pavilion and you'll see a small sign for Space 220 located up the ramp. Once you check-in, you'll enter the restaurant lobby where you'll be given a boarding pass to take the space elevator to the restaurant. The boarding pass is such a simple touch but it's one of those great Disney details that fully immerses you in the theme. Space elevator boarding pass The space elevator is almost like it's own attraction! It's such a neat experie

Space 220 Bar

Is it possible to get into Space 220 without a reservation?  Yes, but it isn't easy!  Here's how we secured a last-minute ride into space. We walked around Mission Space to find a short line but no Cast Members to be seen. We asked people in line if that was the line for Space 220 and they said yes so we got in. It was unclear that the line was “closed” so about 15 or so minutes later a CM finally showed up and kicked us out of line. She said it’s closed and she doesn’t know when it will reopen but unofficially, “hover”. Once you are in the line it’s an estimated 90-120 minute wait. That’s a long time but we didn’t really have anything else to do on this particular day. So we did hover and sit on the ground for a little while near the line.  There are no benches and not really any shade so it isn't the most pleasant experience. The Cast Member returned and reopened the line about an hour later and we hopped on in along with a few others that were hovering. But, a couple had