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Enzo's Hideaway at Disney Springs

Enzo’s Hideaway is exactly how the name implies: A little hidden gem right under their sister restaurant, The Edison. It’s a 1920’s prohibition-themed restaurant and bar that serves Italian food for lunch and dinner. The walls are covered in graffiti as if gangsters from long ago wanted to make sure they were remembered.
The restaurant consists of a lounge/bar area as well as full table service. When you walk into the entrance, you will see that it is designed like the rum-running tunnels inspired by Florida history during the Prohibition dry years. You could spend hours looking at the drawings and quotes that date back to 1919 (according to the backstory of the restaurant). The drinks served at the bar consist of Prohibition-era and craft cocktails such as Enzo’s Rum Punch, Sicilian Mule, Luciano Spritz, Hazelnut Old Fashioned and so many more. They also boast the largest selection of scotches and specialty rums in Disney Springs, now known as “Enzo’s Smuggled & Stashed Collection.” They also serve Beer, Wine, Mocktails, House made Lemonade and Freshly Brewed Iced Tea, but you may want to try one of their fabulous specialty drinks.
Your meal will start with your own olive oil dish from an oil can labeled “Beautiful oil for beautiful people.” (So cute) Then, you can start with any of the appetizers, soups and salads, especially the Dolce Vita---the Meats, Cheeses and Antipasto charcuterie board. (When you order this board, remember that their philosophy is that you should feel like you’ve been invited into someone’s home. If you want more refills of any of the meats or cheeses, they bring them to you for free!) The imported meats and cheeses are all worth trying (along with the home-made focaccia della casa that comes with it.)

The lunch menu consists of four panini options and four pasta options. You can enjoy Vedure (eggplant) or Pollo Grigliato (chicken) paninis, for example, or some Italian favorites like Linguine Alla Burrata or Rigatoni Al Ragu Bolognese. The dinner menu consists of only eight Seconde (Meat/Vegetable Fish/Pasta) main dishes, but they are great choices, specifically from Rome and nearby regions in Italy. Choose from Bistecca Alla Griglia, Ravioli Formaggi, Eggplant Parmigiana or your familiar Spaghetti e Polpette. For the children, they offer Spaghetti & Meatballs, Cheese Pizza or Penne and Butter. 
Salmon Alla Griglia - Grilled Salmon, Crispy Potatoes, Broccolini with Chile and Garlic, Salmoriglio

Ravioli Formaggi - Pomodoro sauce, Basil, Pesto
If you decide you also want some dessert, for both lunch and dinner, they have some of your traditional favorites such as Tiramisu and Cannoli Siciliano, but their Gelato is not to be missed.

Our group of adults were very pleased with our food choices and our service. Our server was the absolute sweetest and most attentive young woman! I wish we had tried the charcuterie board, but the Salmon Alla Griglia, Spaghetti e Polpette, Ravioli Formaggi and the Luingine Alla Burrata that we did order were all given two thumbs up. Between the fabulous food, great service and fun & quiet atmosphere, we all agreed we would definitely come back again!
Luingine Alla Burrata - Roasted Mushroom, Baby Spinach, Burrata, White Wine, Mushroom Brodetto, Pecorino

Spaghetti e Polpette - Marinara, Meatballs, Parmigiano and Basil

Pam Gaston
Pam G (or PG) is a new Floridian and is taking advantage of the close proximity to Disney World as much as possible! You can email Pam at


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