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Genie+ Services at the Disneyland Resort

If you have been to Disneyland in the past couple years, you may have seen Disneyland's most recent "FastPass" system. For those that have been traveling to Disneyland, it is similar to the Max Pass that was introduced before the pandemic. What is Disney Genie service? Disney's Genie service is a free planning tool that guides you through the Disneyland park while providing tips to help plan your day. Guests can find the Genie service on the Disneyland app. The Genie service was released on December of 2021 shortly after Walt Disney World released their version. The free Genie service acts like your very own virtual assistant and lists forecasted wait times, where you can mobile order, manage check-in and dining reservations. As one enters the park at Disneyland, click on the "My Genie Day" part of the app. When it opens, you can click on Tip Board. The Tip Board has the option on checking out the "Attractions & Shows" where is lists sta

Disney Genie, Genie+ and Lightning Lane FAQ

The Disney Genie Service has reimagined the guest experience at the Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts. The new service may have left you scratching your head asking "what does this mean for my next vacation?!" Have no fear as we have put together some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the relatively new service that was announced in 2021.  Before we dive into the FAQ, let's review the basics of this service. Disney Genie is a complimentary and convenient new digital service designed to create your best Disney Day. It allows guests more flexibility and better tools to help make the most of their visit. There are actually 3 separate services we'll review, in addition to some new terminology  to learn: Disney Genie (complimentary), Disney Genie+ Service (available for purchase) and Individual Lightning Lane Entry (also available for purchase). Lightning Lane is the entrance at select attractions that will let you bypass the standby queue. Let's

Conceptos básicos del servicio Disney Genie en Español

Si accedió a la aplicación móvil My Disney Experience el 19 de octubre, es posible que haya notado algunos cambios bastante importantes en la aplicación, cambios que la comunidad de fanáticos de Disney ha estado esperando ansiosamente. Así es, amigos ... ¡el servicio Disney Genie ha sido lanzado oficialmente! Disney hizo el anuncio a principios de este año sobre el servicio Disney Genie, junto con el anuncio del servicio Disney Genie + y Lightning Lanes, y finalmente ha llegado el día en que podemos ver el sistema en acción. ¿Qué es exactamente el servicio Disney Genie? El servicio de cortesía de Disney Genie ayuda a los huéspedes a crear su mejor día de Disney inspirado en sus principales intereses. También ofrece a los huéspedes nuevas funciones de planificación, incluido un creador de itinerario personalizado que le ayuda a planificar su visita con actualizaciones en tiempo real desde la mañana hasta la noche. Repasemos algunos de los conceptos básicos de Disney Genie y cómo usar es

Disney Genie Service Basics

  If you accessed the My Disney Experience mobile app on October 19, 2021, you may have noticed some pretty big changes to the app, changes that the Disney fan community has been anxiously waiting for. That's right folks...the Disney Genie service has officially launched! Disney made the announcement earlier this year about the Disney Genie service, along with the announcement of Disney Genie+ service and Lightning Lanes, and the day has finally arrived where we can see the system in action.  What exactly is the Disney Genie service? The complimentary Disney Genie service helps guests create their best Disney day inspired by their top interests. It also provides guests with new planning features, including a personalized itinerary creator that helps you map out your visit with real-time updates from morning to night.  Let's review some of the basics of the Disney Genie and how to use this feature in the My Disney Experience app. For this post, we're just going to cover the