Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Disney Cruise Line Onboard Activities

Whenever I tell people that I am going on a Disney Cruise, I always get asked the same question; “What is there to do on a Disney Cruise?”  A better question to ask would be “What isn’t there to do on a Disney Cruise!”  Before my first Disney Cruise, I was worried that I may get bored and that there wouldn’t be enough activities to keep me entertained.  Boy, was I wrong!  Disney Cruise Line offers an enormous array of onboard activities for the entire family to enjoy.
Walt Disney Theater
There are pools, youth activities, and nightclubs to name a few.  How do you know what activities are happening when, you ask?  Well, you find out by looking at your handy dandy Personal Navigator!  Every day on your cruise, the Personal Navigator is jam packed with onboard activities from morning until night.  There are so many activities available that it is impossible for me to list each and every activity in one Blog article so I will highlight some of my favorites.

Buena Vista Theater
Live Stage Shows and Movies 
Perhaps my two favorite onboard activities are seeing the live stage shows in the Walt Disney Theater and the movies in Buena Vista Theater.  The live stage shows are Broadway style productions filled with favorite Disney songs and characters.  If live stage shows aren’t your thing, you can watch movies in Buena Vista Theater.  They offer a selection of Disney favorites as well as first-run movies.
Adult only lounge area

Pools and Slides
Another favorite activity of mine is just lounging by the many pools onboard Disney Cruise ships.  It’s a great way to relax on vacation!  Since I don’t have any children, I prefer spending my time at the adult only Quiet Cove Pool.  It’s nice to be able to relax in a peaceful area.  If you enjoy more of a thrill than simply laying by a pool, you can go for a ride on the AquaDuck on the Disney Dream and Fantasy or the AquaDunk on the re-imagined Disney Magic.  The AquaDuck is the first of its kind water coaster that sends you up, down, around and off the side of the ship.  On the AquaDunk you plummet down a 3-story body slide down a translucent tube and go over the side of the ship.

I absolutely love all things pop culture so I was so excited to see that I could participate in trivia challenges to show off my pop culture knowledge.  There are all types of trivia challenges available for the cruisers of all ages.  On our most recent cruise, the trivia challenges included movie quotes trivia, 80’s music trivia, Disney trivia, and TV theme song trivia.  I am happy to report that my husband and I won the movie quotes and TV theme song trivia!  What’s the best part about winning?  You get free stuff!  We won Disney Cruise Line ear buds and water bottles.  You gotta love free stuff!

Sail Away Celebration
Deck Parties
Other fun activities onboard are the various deck parties.  On embarkation day you can start your vacation off at the Sail-Away Celebration.  It’s a cute stage show with Mickey, Minnie and the gang that really gets you pumped for your cruise to begin!  They often pass out streamers and there are drinks available to purchase for some extra spirit.  Another deck party available on select cruises is Pirate Night.  Have fun at this swashbuckling event followed by a spectacular fireworks show on the high seas!

Pirate Night
My husband and I went on a 7-night cruise and were worried that by the end of the cruise we would be ready to get off the ship.  We were pleasantly surprised to find that we were nowhere near ready to get off the ship on disembarkation day.  By the end of the cruise, there were still some activities that we hadn’t done yet!  We are looking forward to our next adventure on the Disney Cruise Line to try even more onboard activities.

Give a Disney Cruise a try and see just how many onboard activities you can take part in before you disembark the ship.  If anyone in your family says they are bored, they just must not be cruising right!  Bon voyage!


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