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Agent Spotlight - Amy

Where do you call home? New Hampshire

Are you married? Yes, happily married for 11 years.

Any children? We have 3 beautiful children.

Favorite vacation destination? People go other places than WDW?!?!

Favorite Walt Disney World Resort? I'm torn. . .The Boardwalk will always top my list. We had the most wonderful 10 day stay there for our Honeymoon. Then when we joined the DVC family, Saratoga Springs Resort became our "Home" and I take pride in that distinction :)

Favorite Walt Disney World attraction? Splash Mountain is our family favorite. It's long, has a big drop, goes inside and outside and from the outside you never guess all the fun that's going on inside :)
Favorite Disney restaurant?
I have never had a bad meal at Disney but I would have to say the Crystal Palace has a little bit of everything for all taste buds and a Winnie the Pooh parade to boot!

Favorite Disney snack? Dole Whip Float!!!!

Wishes, Fantasmic or IllumiNations? Wishes

Favorite Disney Souvenir? I purchase a Vinylmation every time I go to a park. I also LOVE my Disney Harvey Bags.

Earliest Disney vacation memory? Walking down Main Street the first time and just wanting to jump up and down screaming with joy. I still feel the same way each time.

Disney Cruise Line, Disneyland or Walt Disney World? Walt Disney World

Disney experience that brings tears to your eyes? "You see, the most fantastic, magical things can happen, and it all starts with a wish! If your heart is in your dreams." Send in Tinker Bell and queue my water works, every time.

Where have you traveled aside from Walt Disney World? Up and down the East Coast, Italy, Caribbean, Mexico, Africa

Favorite TV Show? I'm a bit of a TV junkie. . .couldn't pick.

Favorite Movie? I love so many movies too. Cult Classics, Comedies, Dramadies, Horror flicks all the way to Disney/Pixar!

Favorite Color? Purple (I would like a Purple Magic Band ASAP)

Favorite Book? That depends on my mood.

If you had to pick another job besides being a travel agent, what would you do?
Dole Whip Quality Control Tester ;)

Let Amy help you plan the perfect vacation for your family! 


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