Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Agent Spotlight - Liz

Agent Liz enjoying Magic Kingdom 
Name: Elizabeth Guffre

Where do you call home? Home is wherever I am with my husband! (or wherever the Air Force sends us!) We currently reside in FL, and I am originally from San Antonio, TX.

Are you married? I sure am! I married Mike about 7 years ago, and almost daily feel like I must be the luckiest lady alive!

Any children? While we don't have any of our own, we have about 10 God-kids.  Our goal is to take or go with them to a Disney Resort every 5 years and so far we are succeeding in that goal. Now that I write it down, I wonder if that's why people keep asking us...

Favorite vacation destination? If we aren't counting Disney, then Seattle, WA. Not only does it have my sister and niece to draw me in, but each time I go I find new delightful treats! I'm an unashamed foodie, and the Seattle culinary scene is a dream.

Favorite Walt Disney World Resort?  Disney's Wilderness Lodge at Christmas Time.  The magic of the season combined with the magic of Disney in such a cozy environment is just about perfect in my book!

Favorite Walt Disney World attraction? Dinosaur at Animal Kingdom. I first rode it when I was about 10. My older brother and I thought we were too cool for school and absolutely no ride could scare us! (I loved  Tower of Terror!) We were so scared, we both ducked and covered, and immediately wanted to ride it again and again! To this day I get excited jitters when the ride starts!!

Favorite Disney restaurant?  Le Cellier is a fan favorite for a reason, and I'm not sorry to say it tops my list!  Everything on the menu is stick to your bones filling and oh so delicious!  I am hoping this
answer will change in November, however, when I finally get to try Victoria and Alberts.

Liz and her husband Mike at Raglan Road

Favorite Disney snack? It is not possible to give an honest answer to this question because it is not possible to only pick one. At this moment, however, I am craving the samosas from Animal Kingdom.

Wishes, Fantasmic or IllumiNations? I love IllumiNations.

Favorite Disney Souvenir?  My oversized T-shirt from Dinosaur when it was still called Countdown to Extinction!  It holds such fun memories, and I always get compliments from cast members when I wear it!!

Earliest Disney vacation memory?  I remember eating roasted pecans from Magic Kingdom at night with my family, and feeling contented joy.

Disney Cruise Line, Disneyland or Walt Disney World?  Walt Disney World by a hair.  I just love Epcot and Animal Kingdom. They are such unique experiences I never tire of! When we no longer live on the beach however, it may change to Disney Cruise Line!!

Disney experience that brings tears to your eyes?  Whenever I think about my first God-baby Ellie at the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique, especially when they twirled her around and opened the curtain. She is pretty reserved, and was obviously quite pleased with the experience, but kept trying to stifle her smile throughout the process. When the curtains drew back and she saw herself with the effects, she absolutely beamed. To this day I haven't seen a smile that big on her face!

Where have you traveled aside from Walt Disney World? I have traveled most of the U.S.A., and New York is the last place on my stateside bucket list!  I have also traveled to Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

Relaxing at Rose & Crown Pub in Epcot
Favorite TV Show? Boy Meets World

Favorite Movie? In all honesty, the documentary Dear Zachary changed my life, and has stayed at the top of my list, but it is incredibly heartbreaking, so I don't know about recommending it to wide audiences. Instead, I'll go with Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. It never fails to makes me

Favorite Color? Purple

Favorite Book?  Half the Sky and A Path Appears top my list, but The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks was a fantastic read, and one I often recommend!

If you had to pick another job besides being a travel agent, what would you do?  I would love to be a cheese sampler! Is that a career? Oh, what a wonderful job that would be!

Contact Agent Elizabeth if you're ready to plan your perfect getaway!

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