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Hollywood Brown Derby

The Hollywood Brown Derby is Disney's Hollywood Studio's Signature Dining establishment serving lunch and dinner, known for dishes such as the famous Cobb Salad and the Grapefruit Cake.  You'll be transported back to the golden age of Hollywood when you walk inside and see the walls lined with caricatures of celebrities and rich dark wood tones.  

The menu here was updated as part of the 50th anniversary celebrations so we were excited to give it a try!  The meal started with some lovely rolls and butter with fancy sea salt which was delightful.  I also started the meal with what I believe was an old fashioned but can't find the cocktail list now so can't get the exact description for you, I apologize.  It was great though.  

We started off our meal with some appetizers as per usual, because I just tend to really love appetizers.  However, none of them were really jumping out at us but then our server said the magic words "pork belly" when we asked what he recommended and we perked right up. We had missed it because it's a garnish on a scallop appetizer, and neither of us are scallop fans.  They were wonderful in accommodating us and gave us all pork belly and no scallops.  This was SO GOOD.  I'm sure if you like scallops it would be even better since that is how it was supposed to be enjoyed,  but this pork belly was cooked to perfection and the stone fruit on top (I think it was peaches) balanced the saltiness of the meat.  We also opted to try the Local Greens and Strawberry Salad which is the plant-based appetizer but was the perfect lighter-way to start the meal.  After a few days of heavy eating in the parks, this salad was just what we needed.  
Sea Scallops (without the scallops) Pork Belly, Stone Fruit Barbecue, Red Onion Gastrique
Local Greens and Strawberry Salad with Candied Pistachios, Black Ash Cashew Cheese, Champagne Vinaigrette (Plant-based)
Being "wowed" by the appetizers we were ready for some great entrees ahead.  We of course had to try the new dish celebrating the 50th, Filet Mignon with Walt Disney's Roast Beef Hash and then couldn't resist the opportunity to get the Famous Cobb Salad (except I hate bleu cheese so much to Elizabeth's dismay I ordered it with cheddar).  Unfortunately our steak was not cooked right the first time it came out, it was vastly undercooked for our liking but it was quickly rectified by our service team and once we had a properly cooked steak we were able to dig in.  In our opinion, there are better steaks on Disney property, but this wasn't bad by any means.  The veggies were beautifully cooked but the star was definitely that roast beef hash.  The hash was so unique and if that was Uncle Walt's recipe, Disney has been holding out on us for 50 years with that one!  The Cobb salad was delightful as always.  It's light because it's a salad but decadent because cheese, avocado and bacon.  Delicious! 
Filet Mignon with Walt Disney's Roast Beef Hash with Haricots Verts, Red Wine Sauce served Walt's way with a Fried Egg
Our Famous Cobb Salad with Spit-roasted Turkey, Bacon, Egg, Tomatoes, Blue Cheese, Avocado, Classic Dressing. 
At this point we were too stuffed to try dessert this time.  So we got our check and called it a night. If we hadn't had such amazing meals this trip, this would be another great dinner, but our other ones this trip were just so good that I don't think I'll be rushing back here this time.   I will say I've also been here for lunch not too long ago, and their Signature Burger is also wonderful, so I think I might go back for lunch next time! 

What are your thoughts on the Hollywood Brown Derby?  Let us know in the comments below!

Maci Schau

Maci is an avid foodie and loves trying out new restaurants and seasonal food offerings in the parks.  You can email Maci at


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