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QUIZ: Are YOU a Walt Disney World Resorts Expert???

Hey there, Disney Guys and Gals!

     So, who thinks they know all there is to know about the Resorts at Walt Disney World? Have you tried all of the restaurants, stayed in all of the different rooms, explored all of the grounds and offerings? Well, let's put your knowledge to the test! Try our quiz below and see if YOU are a Disney Resort Expert, Fan, or Novice. Good luck!

Kingdom Konsultants Travel's Disney Resorts Challenge

1. Coronado Springs is currently undergoing a massive revamp, but currently there are three village areas. Are they...
     a. Ranches, Cabins and Casas
     b. Ranchos, Cabanas and Casitas
     c. Villas, Standard Rooms and Deluxe Rooms
     d. Pool Rooms, Conference Rooms and Parking Lot Rooms

2. True or False? The Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resorts were designed by famed Disney Imagineer, Mary Blair. 

3. What is the name of the all-you-care-to-eat restaurant where Guests can enjoy, among other treats, the famed, coffee-infused dessert, Zebra Domes?

4. Which word/phrase will you NOT find adorning one of the decade-themed buildings at Pop Century?
     a. What's Your Handle?
     b. Fer Shure
     c. Yuppies
     d. Show Me The Money
     e. Be-Bop
     f. Have A Nice Day!

5. True or False? At Fort Wilderness, you can sometimes meet the ponies that pull Cinderella's Carriage AND The Headless Horseman's steed.

6. Before it was California Grill, what was the name of the restaurant at the top of The Contemporary Resort?

7. If you are staying in the Mighty Ducks Building, which resort are you in? 

8. Which resort was the original Disney Vacation Club Resort? 

9. What is the current name of the Disney resort where back in the 90's, Guests could take classes and participate in programs like Culinary Arts, Animation, Gardening, Photography, and Youth?

10. What is the name of the new DVC Resort that will be on the gondola Sky Liner transportation?

11. All Star Music features two pools. What are their shapes?
     a. Guitar and Piano
     b. Maraca and Piano
     c. Maraca and Guitar
     d. Guitar and Keyboard

12. Trattoria al Forno is the third restaurant that has occupied it's space on The BoardWalk. Name the two previous names. (Hint: One was run by an Iron Chef!)

13. Themed to the National Park Lodges of the Pacific Northwest, The Wilderness Lodge features an amazing, 82 foot tall fireplace in the main lobby. Which facts are true about the fireplace?
     a. It is a recreation of the strata of the Grand Canyon.
     b. There's a Hidden Mickey in it. 
     c. It's made up of over 100 colors. 
     d. It's actually just made of fiberglass. 
     e. all of the above
     f. a, b, and c only
     g. a, b and d only

14. How many times has Victoria and Albert's at The Grand Floridian won the prestigious AAA Five Diamond Award?
     a. 1
     b. 3
     c. 6
     d. 18

15. Every year at Christmastime, The Beach Club gets a gorgeous holiday display in the lobby, made entirely out of candy, chocolate and gingerbread. What is the display?
     a. A gingerbread house
     b. A train set display
     c. A rollercoaster
     d. A carousel

16. Which resort features the largest pool on Disney Property and what is the pool themed to?

17. What sweet treat has a fan-following that draws Disney Foodies to the Sassagoula Floatworks Food Court at French Quarter? 

18. The main pool area at the Caribbean Beach Resort shares the name of a port of call from "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie franchise. Name it. 

19. You're at the Yacht Club, and are going to take a ride on the Friendships, so you walk down the dock, and get in the line on the left side of the lighthouse. If you get off at the very first stop the boat makes, where will you be?

20. True or false? The Beatles officially broke up at The Polynesian?

21. Which recreational activities can all be done at Riverside?
     a. Carriage rides, swimming, biking and archery
     b. Swimming, carriage rides, biking and fishing
     c. Swimming, running trails, a sea serpent waterslide, and biking
     d. Fishing, feeding alligators, biking and swimming

22. Which sports themed buildings are closest to the lobby and food court at All Star Sports?

23. If you were at Walt Disney World on opening day in 1971, which three resorts could you choose from?

24. A brand new resort experience will come to Walt Disney World when the new Star Wars themed resort opens in a few years. What is unique about this resort?
     a. It will connect to the new Galaxy's Edge Star Wars section of Disney's Hollywood Studios. 
     b. Star Wars creatures and droids will serve as butlers.
     c. Guests cab wear theme costumes/clothing. 
     d. There will be lightsaber training and duels for all Guests. 
     e. Guests will be given "secret missions", unique to their own family. 
     f. All of the above!

25. What are the benefits of staying at a Disney Resort?
     a. Extra Magic Hours, transportation, Magic Bands, and amazing pools
     b. Extra Magic Hours, amazing pools, and Cinderella cleans your room
     c. Extra Magic Hours, free park passes, transportation and amazing pools
     d. Amazing pools, delicious restaurants, transportation, and a fireworks view from every room


Ok, let's see how you did!

Answer Key

1. b. Ranchos, Cabanas and Casitas
2. False. They were designed by famous architect Michael Graves
3. Boma
4. d. Show Me The Money
5. True! The Tri-Circle D Ranch frequently houses all of the various horses and ponies on property
6. Top of the World
7. All Star Movies
8. Old Key West Resort (originally called "Disney Vacation Club Resort")
9. Saratoga Springs used to be know as "The Disney Institute" 
10. Disney's Riviera Resort 
11. a. Guitar and Piano
12. Spoodles and Kouzzina by Cat Cora
13. f. a, b, and c only
14. d. 18
15. d. A carousel
16. Art of Animation, themed to Finding Nemo
17. Beignets!
18. Old Port Royale
19. The Boardwalk Resort
20. True! (John Lennon signed the paperwork dissolving the group at The Polynesian)
21. b. Swimming, carriage rides, biking and fishing
22. Surf's Up
23. The Contemporary, The Polynesian and Fort Wilderness
24. f. All of the above!
25. a. Extra Magic Hours, transportation, Magic Bands, and amazing pools

Now, give yourself one point for every correct answer, but only if you got the question 100% correct!

1-10 points: Disney Resort Novice: Good try, but you really need to stay on property more often, or at least visit the resorts more. There's SO much cool stuff to see! You should really get ahold of an agent at Kingdom Konsultants Travel right away and plan a trip!

11-19 points: Disney Resort Fan: Nice work! You've spent a good amount of time at the resorts, but sounds like you could use a few more visits to REALLY get to know them well! You, too, should contact Kingdom Konsultants Travel and set up another trip, ASAP!

20-25 points: Disney Resort Expert: Wow! You are amazing! You know tons about the Disney Resorts! We're going to make you Honorary Mayor of the resort of your choice!* You TOTALLY deserve another trip, so you should also contact Kingdom Konsultants Travel to set up a new getaway!

(* Kingdom Konsultants Travel is in no way authorized to bestow this honor upon anyone, no matter HOW impressive their Disney Resort knowledge is.)

Hope you enjoyed yourselves!!! Join us again soon for another Disney trivia challenge, and in the meantime, have a magical week!
                                                                      - Jenn


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