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ALL NEW! Enzo's Hideaway Sunday Supper Review!

Well, Happy Summer, Disney Fans!

     I hope you are all enjoying the summer warm up and that you have fun plans for the season... even better if they involve the Mouse! Summer is the time of year when I mostly excuse myself from park visits due to the crowds and the heat, but that certainly doesn't keep me off of Disney property. I am still there plenty, to eat and play! In fact, just last weekend, the hubs and I attended the special preview of Sunday Supper at Enzo's Hideaway at Disney Springs. This brand new dining event officially kicked off on Father's Day, so we were excited to get a sneak peek a week in advance. Keep reading and I'll share our experience, and help you decide if you should add this to your Disney itinerary for you next trip!


     I should start by saying this special preview was the very first time Sunday Supper was offered, so keep in mind that there could be changes along the way. You will also note that the special menu says the price is $30 per person. That was the preview pricing and the regular pricing will be $45 per person. A nice perk to Sunday Supper though is that there will be no corkage fee charged and you can BYOB! I should also share that this was a very rare occasion for the hubs and I to have a date night without kiddos in tow. We were so psyched to be out of the house kid free, (we love them, but a break every now and again is nice), that all of our senses were likely heightened. The air was airier, the sun was sunnier, the music was more musical and the tastes were all tastier. Well, wait...that might be unfair. The food was legit good, so I don't want to take that away from the restaurant. Just saying that we were flying high on freedom, baby!

     We got to Disney Springs about an hour and a half before our reservation, so we took our time checking things out. I have eaten at the sister restaurants of Enzo's Hideaway, Pizza Ponte and Maria and Enzo's, and loved both, but this was the first time I had ever even seen this cellar-level eatery. Themed to a prohibition era speakeasy, the atmosphere is very cool and made me feel a bit like a 1920's gangster. I loved the arched entryway and the fact that there was graffiti all over the walls. The restaurant was larger than I was expecting, and brighter too, but neither was a negative.

     Since we were early, we asked a manager to show us the secret tunnel to the other sister nightclub/restaurant, The Edison. We cut on through some doors and walkways and ended up in the big, old converted power company, parked it on some comfy chairs, and ordered some cocktails. Well, MOCKtails for me, since I don't like alcohol. (Yes, I know that's weird. Yes, I have tried fruity drinks. Yes, I really just don't like it. Not even beer or wine. No, I am not pregnant.) We had an awesome server in The Edison, who told us the whole story of how the restaurants all tie together and walked us through the drink menu. She knew her stuff, and did an awesome job talking my husband into a $15 upsale. It was SO nice to hang out in those comfy chairs, listen to the jazzy music and sip our drinks. No one even asked me to take them to the bathroom! The Edison is really made for late night fun, since in the later evening hours is when the live music and dancing starts up. They do have amazing drinks and eats at lunch and dinner time too, and we saw some awesome stuff go by us, including a clothesline of bacon! Our drinks were fantastic. The hubs got a bourbon drink that the server had recommended and I got some sort of lime and seltzer juice drink that was super tasty, and very pretty too! I am so looking forward to coming back some night that we can actually stay out late and enjoy the music and stuff.

     As our reservation time approached, we cashed out and headed back through the tunnels to the Hideaway. When we checked back in at the podium, we were taken to our table right away. One thing I really love about all of the Italian Patina restaurants is that the majority of their staff are Italian, (much like you would find at Epcot... in fact, Patina runs both of the Italian restaurants in World Showcase). It just lends another level of authenticity to the atmosphere, and guests love having the opportunity to learn about the Cast Member's home country, or connect over visits there.

     Once we sat, I couldn't help feeling like the meal was set up like that of a Disney Cruise, without the motion of the rocking ship, of course. We had a head server, who came over and introduced himself, and we also had an assistant server, who handled the drinks and clearing the table. We started with menus on the table, even though you don't really order anything. It is a prix fixe menu and you get some of everything. This was lost on some guests, since it was the first night. The gentlemen next to us were utterly confused and trying to figure out which entrees to order, and the people behind us actually up and left when they realized it was prix fixe. According to the information I was given, Sunday evenings at Enzo's will be for Sunday Supper ONLY. No other menus wills be offered, so guests will need to be prepared for this. Our server did a good job of walking us through what we would be getting, but he only offered us alcoholic drinks. No non-alcoholic options were given, and it seemed as though there would be a charge for them, so I didn't bother ordering anything but water. It's unusual for a Disney all-you-care-to-eat offering to NOT include non-alcoholic beverages, but then again, this wasn't quite all-you-care-to-eat... but I'll get back to that in a minute.

    Within a few minutes of sitting, we were given a bread basket and olive oil to munch on. Then a few minutes later, the appetizer course arrived. The was an antipasto-style cheese board, with a bowl of pre-dressed salad. Everything looked wonderful! The salad was bright and colorful, and filled with fresh veggies and apple slices, and topped off with a light vinaigrette. The board had some peccorino romano cheese, Italian cured meats, pickled veggies, olives and artichokes. The hubs was a bit buzzed from his bourbon but he was in LOVE with the cheeseboard and practically moaning as he made little sandwiches out of the chunks of cheese, rolls of salami and meat, and crusty bread. I loved the cheese and the bread, but I'm not a big Italian meat fan. (My very Italian grandmother would be wounded to the soul to hear that!) I did try the pickled veggies, just because I felt like someone should eat them, and I knew my husband wouldn't. Guess what, guys? I do NOT like pickled cauliflower. Whoa. The salad was nice. The sweetness of the apples was a nice surprise. Nothing was overly filling and it left us ready for course #2... the entrees.

     The entree course was served up on a wooden board as well, with three dishes: one with pasta and tomato sauce, one with meatballs, short rib and spicy sausage in tomato sauce, and one with roasted chicken, veggies and potatoes. Everything looked delicious!

The pasta was nice and al dente, (slightly firm), as good pastas should be. The sauce in the middle contained two meatballs, a piece of spicy Italian sausage, and two pieces of short rib meat. All of the meats were tasty, tender and paired well with the sauce. The roasted chicken was juicy and delicious. We also loved the garlicy fingerling potatoes served with it. The server did inform us upon asking that the pasta could be refilled, but no other dishes could be. There was another server, walking around with grilled salmon on a plate, offering that as well. I did take a piece, since I looooove salmon, but I was disappointed to find that it was not cooked through. This is a perfectly acceptable way to eat salmon, I just don't like it this way. It also had very little seasoning and was rather bland, so after one bite, I was set.

     The servers let us take our time eating and cleared plates when we were ready to make way for dessert. I ordered a coffee, and again, was surprised to find out it was not included with the meal. After all, coffee is just as important, if not more so, as dessert to Italians. I was expecting a rich cup of coffee, since they serve Lavazza, which is generally a strong coffee, but my cup was super watery and weak. When the sommelier noticed that I was not drinking my coffee, he asked why. When I told him, he made me a fresh cup, with some extra espresso in it, and it was SO much better. He also brought the hubs a little Limoncello as a treat, which he really enjoyed.

     Dessert was a mini cannoli, a small square of tiramisu, and a bowl containing a scoop of chocolate gelato and a scoop of orange gelato, with chocolate sauce, whipped cream and a pizzelle cookie. Let me tell you, when you think the ice cream you just put in your mouth is vanilla and it turns our to be bitter and sour... whoa! Not pleasant. But that was my own fault for not asking what the flavor was first. Personally, I don't like orange and chocolate together so I was not a fan of the flavors, and the gelato went to waste. The cannoli was the same as the ones served in Maria and Enzo's and in Pizza Ponte and they are quite honestly some of the BEST cannoli I have have outside of my grandmother's kitchen. So yummy! One mini was definitely not enough to satisfy both my husband and I. The tiramisu was good, but again, just a small square. I get that it's a sampling, but I feel like when there are two diners, they should get two of each of the mini desserts. I would be fine with missing out on the gelato.

     By the time we finished up dessert, we were stuffed and had happy bellies. Again, we were not rushed to leave, and we sat and chatted with our server a bit about where in Italy he was from.

     Overall, we had an awesome experience and were very impressed with what we got for our money. But keep in mind that we only paid $30 per person for the preview, as compared to the $45 price tag that it will be moving forward. Would I do it again for $45? No. BUT, only because I have done it once already and because I would much prefer to do brunch at Maria and Enzo's, which we have done twice and been thrilled with. For those of your interested in trying Sunday Supper at Enzo's I definitely think it's worth the money and I highly recommend it. The Patina Group really is going an incredible job with their Disney Springs restaurants and make a fantastic addition to The Springs!


     Interested in checking our Sunday Supper for yourself? Contact an agent at Kingdom Konsultants and they will happily reserve your spot for you!

     Until next time, Disney Guys and Gals, have a magical week!

                                                                              - Jenn


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