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WDW 50th Anniversary Foodie Guide - Part 3

Yes, you read the title correctly! We are now on Part 3 of our Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Foodie Guide! If you haven't read Part 1 or Part 2, no worries! They don't have to be read chronologically but you may want to read those posts if you're looking for more reviews of all the new tasty treats for the World's Most Magical Celebration. 

The celebration continues through March 2023 so you still have over a year to try the new food and drink options. We tried a lot of the treats during our 50th Anniversary kick-off weekend trip and we happily tried even more new treats on our most recent trip.

Contempo Café (Disney's Contemporary Resort)

50th Anniversary German Chocolate Cupcake - Chocolate Cupcake filled with German Chocolate filling topped with Buttercream, Chocolate Contemporary Resort 50th Anniversary Logo and a White Chocolate curl

This cupcake looked so cute on the menu that I just had to buy it! The description sounded pretty good too but it was really the look that won me over. Sadly, the dessert wasn't as good as it looked. We found that it was just lacking flavor. The cake itself was good and I liked the German chocolate filling (which if you didn't know, contains coconut) but overall I found the cupcake lackluster. The price wasn't too bad at $5.99 but the taste wasn't worth it. 

Yachtsman Steakhouse (Disney's Yacht Club Resort)

Magical Beacon Cocktail - Empress 1908 Gin, Bols Blue Curaçao, Minute Maid Premium Lemonade, Orgeat (Almond), Lemon, Hibiscus Grenadine, and a souvenir Glow Cube

This magical beverage is on the pricier side at $17 but to me, it was worth every penny. This drink is named after the Beacons of Magic that each park icons turn into at night. I found this drink absolutely delicious and refreshing, with just the right amount of alcohol where I didn't feel like I was drinking gasoline but I felt a slight buzz by the time I was finished. (I'm a bit of a light weight so others may find the level of alcohol lacking but I thought it was perfect.) This drink is available at numerous table-service restaurants, lounges and pool bars throughout Walt Disney World so you don't have to dine at the Yachtsman Steakhouse to try this cocktail (although the Yachtsman Steakhouse is a great restaurant and I highly recommend dining here!) 

Magical Beacon Cocktail is very vibrant with the Glow Cube

Celebrating Layers of Magic - Rich Chocolate Cake with layers of Caramel and Espresso Mousse between Chocolate Chiffon with a Salted Caramel Crunch, Chocolate Ganache, Cassis Cake and Cream, Cocoa Nib Tuile, and a Coconut-Cassis Sauce

As soon as I read the description for this dessert, I knew we needed to try it and I was really happy we did! This dessert was super cute and really tasty! It was also an easily shareable size which is always a plus in my book. All the flavors worked really well together and, did I mention it was pretty? When something looks good and tastes good, it gets extra points from me! I would definitely recommend this dessert. 

Celebrating Layers of Magic
A look inside the Celebrating Layers of Magic

Everglazed Donuts & Cold Brew (Disney Springs)

Nifty Fifty - Lavender iced donut topped with sprinkle-fetti and features blue, pink and purple jewel tones.

The Nifty Fifty was a pretty good donut. Fair warning, it was really sweet but it was also really tasty. I could have done without the sprinkle-fetti but it was cute so I let it slide. If you've never been to Everglazed Donuts, the donuts are pretty large so it's very easy to share one or save some for later. At $6.50 for one donut, I'm not gonna lie, it's pricey but the fact that the donut is so large makes up for the steep price. If you like sprinkles and sweet donuts, give this treat a try!

Nifty Fifty

The Hollywood Brown Derby (Disney's Hollywood Studios)

50th Celebration Baked Alaska - Layers of Strawberry-Basil Sorbet, Vanilla Gelato, and Sponge Cake coated in Toasted Meringue and Caramelized Brownie Bites

To the best of my knowledge, I've never had Baked Alaska before so I'm not sure what to compare the version at The Hollywood Brown Derby to but what I can tell you is that this dessert was underwhelming. It was just "meh." The Brownie Bites (crouton looking pieces) were not good. I would definitely not recommend this dessert. If you love Baked Alaska maybe give it a try but I would suggest you pass on this dessert. 

50th Celebration Baked Alaska

Cheshire Café (Fantasyland, Magic Kingdom)

All Mixed Up - Strawberry Tea topped with Whipped Cream and Sprinkles

I'm not a tea drinker, but I figured I'd give the All Mixed Up a try over at the Cheshire Cafe. The description may say "tea" but it's more of a slushy drink than a tea. In fact, I didn't get any tea flavor from this drink. I thought the slushy was tasty and refreshing on a hot day but it wasn't a winner for me. The drink also looked nothing like the picture on the menu. I'm not sure if they ran out of the sprinkles that were supposed to be on the whipper cream but the color of the drink also looked way off. 
All Mixed Up

Aloha Isle (Adventureland, Magic Kingdom)

Showtime with Jose - Mango and Vanilla Soft-serve swirl over Pineapple Juice served with a Blue Chocolate Feather

Aloha Isle has so many 50th treats to try and this was the second one I've tried so far. I love Dole Whips and I'm always open to try any new flavor combinations. On this trip, I tried the Showtime with Jose. I'm not a huge fan of mango so although I found this treat enjoyable, it wasn't my favorite. I preferred the Tropical Serenade flavors that I reviewed in Part 2 much more. It's still a good treat and if you love mango, you'll most likely love this! 
Showtime with Jose

Spring Roll Cart (Adventureland, Magic Kingdom)

50th Celebration Spring Rolls - Pastrami and Pepper Jack served with Mustard Dipping Sauce

I just discovered the Spring Roll Cart last year and I understand now why the line is always so long! You can find the Spring Roll Cart right before you walk under the Adventureland sign, over on the right hand side of the walkway. They usually offer two types of spring rolls and you have the option to choose two rolls of the same flavor or get one of each spring roll for $9.50. We opted for one of each and got their classic Cheeseburger Spring Roll (I highly recommend!) and the 50th Celebration Spring Rolls. The new spring roll replaced the Buffalo Chicken Spring Roll which was my favorite so this new spring roll had some big shoes to fill! Sadly, the new 50th Celebration Spring Rolls wasn't my favorite. It was still a tasty spring roll but it just didn't compare to the Cheeseburger or Buffalo Chicken spring rolls. I'll most likely stick with the Cheeseburger rolls for now. 
50th Celebration Spring Rolls

California Grill (Disney's Contemporary Resort)

Five Magical Bites 50 Years in the Making - Honey, Lemon, Carrot, Strawberry, Chocolate

This dessert was delicious! It's the perfect dessert if you're looking for a little bit of everything. I enjoyed all of the bites but the Carrot Cake and Cheesecake with Strawberry were my favorites. The Honey bite was really cute with a little bee on top. Both the Chocolate and Lemon bites had very strong flavors but they were both enjoyable. I would absolutely order this dessert again. (Stay tuned for a full review of the 50th Anniversary menu at California Grill coming soon.)
Five Magical Bites 50 Years in the Making

Cítricos (Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa)

Magical Beacon Cocktail - Empress 1908 Gin, Bols Blue Curaçao, Minute Maid Premium Lemonade, Orgeat (Almond), Lemon, Hibiscus Grenadine, and a souvenir Glow Cube

I told you I liked this drink! I ordered the Magical Beacon Cocktail for the second time this trip at Citricos and it was just as good as it was at the Yachtsman Steakhouse. Two thumbs up for this cocktail a second time. 
Magical Beacon Cocktail

Rosie's All-American Café (Disney's Hollywood Studios)

Disney's Hollywood Studios 50th Celebration Sandwich Cookie - Celebrating the 50th Anniversary with a Pretzel Shortbread Cookie sandwiched with Strawberry Jam and Peanut Butter-Chocolate Fudge

This cookie looked so cute on the menu that I honestly ordered it without even reading the description. Do you ever do that or am I the only one?! Luckily, I was not disappointed and really enjoyed this cookie! The chocolate flavor in the Peanut Butter-Chocolate Fudge outweighed the peanut butter but that wasn't a bad thing. The strawberry jam was also a really good flavor and everything just worked well together. I wouldn't go out of my way to buy this cookie but I wouldn't say no to eating it again. 
50th Celebration Sandwich Cookie

Restaurantosaurus (DinoLand, U.S.A, Disney's Animal Kingdom)

Walt's Chili on Foot-long Cheese Dog - A Foot-long Hot Dog served on a Warm Bun topped with Walt's Favorite Chili and Cheddar Sauce served with Fries

I didn't order this item but someone in my family did so I although I can't give a first hand account of how it tasted, I was told it was good. I'm sorry I don't have a more thorough analysis of the flavors but if you like chili-cheese dogs, I think you'll like Walt's Chili. 
Walt's Chili on Foot-long Cheese Dog
Cheese Fries with Walt's Chili - Crispy Fries topped with Walt's Favorite Chili and Cheddar Sauce

Again, I didn't try this item but it's the same cheese and Walt's Chili as on the Foot-long Cheese Dog. I was told this dish was also very tasty. 
Cheese Fries with Walt's Chili
Walt's Main Street Fried Chicken Sandwich - Crispy Fried Chicken Breast on a Warm Brioche Bun finished with Pickles, Lettuce, Tomato, and Roasted Garlic Aïoli served with Fries

Now this dish I can talk about! I decided to split this Fried Chicken Sandwich with my mom and I thought it was delicious. The fried chicken was really tasty and I also loved the combination of the pickles and roasted garlic aioli. My mom doesn't like pickles and she found the pickle flavor way too overwhelming on this sandwich. Since I love pickles, I loved the flavor. I would definitely order this sandwich again. 
Walt's Main Street Fried Chicken Sandwich
50th Anniversary Celebration Cupcake - Lemon Cake, Lemon Chiffon Filling, and Vanilla Frosting with Celebration Sprinkles, Splatter-coated Chocolate Mickey, and a Gold-dusted 50th Anniversary Medallion

This is another dessert that I ordered because it looked pretty and not so much for the description. I thought this cupcake was really good but fair warning, the lemon flavor is pretty intense. It is Lemon Cake with Lemon Chiffon Filling so that shouldn't be too big of a surprise to anyone ordering unless you're just looking at the picture and not reading the description. Although I thought the cupcake was good, I probably wouldn't order it again. It's not a "must-eat" in my book but it is enjoyable. 
50th Anniversary Celebration Cupcake

If you haven't already, check out the 50th Anniversary Celebration Sips and Bites Guide on the My Disney Experience mobile app for a list of all the offerings. Disney recently added new menu items to the Guide so stay tuned for even more in this series as we continue to try these new treats throughout the celebration.

What has been your favorite celebration treat so far? Let us know in the comments.  

Ashley has been a Disney Parks fan from an early age and loves anything vintage Disney. You can email Ashley at


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